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 Volume 13 No. 10

Please click on the GBA Update link in the first article below and read this month's issue. Consider how informative it is in many areas - from support for US/Canada border safely opening to the health of Georgian Bay. With so much at stake that affects all cottagers, it behooves each of us to stay informed!!! Please consider signing up for your own copy!

With the upcoming Victoria Weekend almost here, might we remind everyone traveling to their cottages to check to see if your fire safety equipment, fire pumps & extinguishers, are up to date and ready for use!

Happy Victoria Weekend!

Below: the COVID numbers are coming down! Go Ontario!
Ontario Covid 5.17.21 7 day
Ontario's 7 day average for COVID cases
In this eBlast:

  • Special Invitation from GBA - Sign Up for Monthly eUpdates
  • PaBIA Markers are Installed for Victoria Weekend!
  • The Impact of Your Wake Has Consequences
  • Our Fire Department IS Each Other!
  • GBB Native Plant Sale
  • GBB Problem Plants Webinar May 26th
  • GBLT Webinar: Photography After Dark - June 21
  • Lake Michigan-Huron Water Levels - May 17, 2021
  • Correction: Fnd: Small Sunfish w/white haul & light blue top
  • Yearbook Update 2021 #2!
Of Interest
GBA Logo New
Special Invitation from GBA
In today's ever-changing world, there is so much information out there that we can get bogged down with many different organizations providing us with analysis and the like. Because Pointe au Baril is in Georgian Bay - where what happens in one place can happen all around the Bay - it behooves us as cottagers to be aware of and respond to those things that most greatly affect us.
To that end, PaBIA tries to stay current with information and to share it with our members, but the Georgian Bay Association watches over the entire Bay and reports on and takes action on pan-Georgian Bay issues that potentially affect everyone on the Bay. For us to have the heads up is invaluable to each of us to keep GBay pristine and natural.
The GBA sends each of you, as members of PaBIA, a hard copy of their GBA UPDATE 3 times a year. But over the past 3 years, with so much information to share, they have been issuing a (usually) monthly eUpdate with more current information on more topics that directly has or will impact our area. GBA would like to put this eUpdate into your email inboxes. But because of privacy laws, PaBIA will not provide your email addresses to GBA’s third-party facilitator, so we have provided a copy of their latest eUpdate.
We all need to be informed to be good stewards of the Bay. So PaBIA wants to highly praise the work the GBA is doing on our behalf and encourage each person to take a look at the quality and breadth of information provided to the reader - beyond what PaBIA's eBlast can do.
So please check it out and, if you find it informative and want to see older copies and continue receiving this monthly eUpdate, please consider subscribing directly to it here or signing up at the bottom of their email or on their website.
New Marker - red
2021 PaBIA Markers Are All Installed

On behalf of Jim Rogers, Maps & Markers Chair, we are pleased to announce that the PaBIA Marker Buoys have been installed for the 2021 season. Many thanks to Andy Blenkarn and his crew at Desmasdons Construction for their ongoing support!
On behalf of Randy Johnson, Boating & Fire Safety Chair, we wish to notify the membership that the PaBIA Fire Pump located at the Ojibway Club main dock is temporarily out of service due to a maintenance issue. We will inform everyone via eBlast when the Ojibway Pump has been installed. The remaining three (3) Fire Pumps are being installed at their locations prior to the Victoria Day weekend: Barclay Island, Hemlock Channel, and Frederic Inlet. Thanks again to Desmasdons Construction.
Have a safe and enjoyable Victoria Weekend.
Cartoon Wake
Remember, the Impact of Your Boat Wake Has Consequences?

Three factors make up wind-driven waves: the speed of the wind, the length of time the wind has blown, & the distance of open water that the wind blows over called the fetch. Waves are measured by
  • Height (from trough to crest)
  • Length (from crest to crest)
  • Steepness (angle between crest & trough)
  • Period (length of time between crests)
Source: Understanding & Utilizing the Secrets of Waves
Boats moving through the water create waves, commonly known as the wake behind the boat.
Observations made by the Oregon State Marine Board have shown the effects of three speed zones: displacement, transition & planing.
Displace Tran Plane
Factors that influence the size of the wake when it reaches shore include the speed of the boat & the distance the wake travels before it reaches shore.

Interestingly, the water particles themselves don’t move. Rather, their energy does. A wave's energy is proportional to the square of its height (potential). Thus, a 3 metre high wave has 3 x 3 = 9 times MORE energy than a 1 metre high wave.
Source: Oceanography: waves, theory & principles)
Wave in Shallow water
As waves enter shallow water, they slow down, grow taller & change shape.
waves, theory & principles)
The movement of the particles along the bottom of the body of water can disturb the sediment on the bottom &, thereby, release nutrients.

Thanks to the Pike Lake Community Association
In Case of Fire,
We Need to Act Fast

Our Fire Department is Each Other.
Please be aware that the Township of The Archipelago DOES NOT provide for the delivery of fire protection services.  Rather it’s your neighbours who can quickly come to help.
  • Locate fire extinguisher(s) in conspicuous place(s) and near flammable areas/equipment
  • Have a fire pump (or several if the property is large)
  • Primed and ready to go with the hoses outstretched towards building(s)
  • Started once a week
  • Practice using them when NOT an emergency for those on the island!
  • Water your trees for training!

Find the Map Location listings (Pgs 133-139) in the 2021 Yearbook (listed by PaBIA Map's neighbourhood areas. To find your particular area, notice the Alpha and Numerical grids on the edges of the map that include your property) to then check for your neighbours’ listings of those who have fire pumps and are willing to share if the need were to arise!

Consider whether your 'neighbors' would like to participate with you in your Cottage Emergency Assistance Plan (CEAP) and be added to your list of Emergency Phone Numbers
May 2021
Life in the Biosphere Webinar Series

The Georgian Bay Biosphere is pleased to launch the Life in the Biosphere Webinar Series! Along with our partners, we'll explore many different aspects of living in a UNESCO biosphere, from cultural teachings to gardening to invasive species and more!
Problem Plants: Invasive Phragmites & Japanese Knotweed (Webinar)

Wednesday, May 26 @
10:00 am - 11:00 am EST
Join us for the first of this two-part series on invasive species. We’ll look in detail at how to identify, prevent the spread of, and manage Phragmites and Japanese Knotweed.

Septic System Health & You
Wednesday, June 23 @ 10:00 am EST   

Lessons from an Ontario Biosphere in Phragmites Management
Wednesday, July 14 @ 10:00 am EST  

Webinars will continue to be scheduled throughout the year. Mark your calendars and bookmark this event for the following event!
Biosphere Kids Activity book
NEW! Kids in the Biosphere Activity Book
Now in its third edition, the Kids in the Biosphere Four Seasons Activity Booklet will have the young, and young at heart, exploring the natural world in the Biosphere.

This entertaining book is packed with several new activities, fascinating facts, and meaningful ways to help the environment.

Often described as “appropriate for all ages” the booklet is a must have for anyone living, playing, or exploring eastern Georgian Bay.

Order Deadline: Friday, May 28

The Georgian Bay Biosphere is offering the 5th annual Native Plant Fundraiser! Over 40 species of native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers are available. These plants are highlighted in the May 6th Webinar (above)
GBB Native Plant  Fundraiser
June 2021
LANDMARK Speaker Series
Our virtual LANDMARK Speaker Series returns for 2021 with monthly presentations from 10:00 - 11:00 AM on conservation and Georgian Bay topics. Mark your calendars with the dates below, and register to attend each session here
Photography After Dark with Ariel Estulin -
June 17, 2021

With the rapid advance of digital camera technology, today’s cameras are capable of producing images that were not possible even just a few years ago. This talk is designed to show you how to get started with taking photos of the night sky in Georgian Bay.
Topics covered:
  • gear requirements
  • planning your shoot
  • camera settings
  • calculating exposure, finding focus, and getting sharp images
  • shooting star trails
TOA Logo
ToA Large Item Pick Up Days 2021

Saturdays, June 26th and August 7th

Due to Covid-19, social distancing needs to be respected and no assistance can be provided. Please make sure you bring helpers with you if you have exceptionally heavy or large items to drop off. Further information such as what can/cannot be dropped off is posted on the Township website.
Lost and Found
Boat found A470
Might this be your sunfish? Bruce Tiffin found this on his spring offseason patrols behind The Bellevue (A470)
Lakes Michigan/Huron Water Levels May 17, 2021 To better read the charts, please click on the chart for the Daily or Six Month Forecast Water level chart and the corresponding websites
Water Level Legend 2021
Yearbook Update! (unchanged from last week)
With each eBlast, we will provide you a list of names for those members who have provided updated contact information. The details of all the changes since the 2021 yearbook came out in late April are provided in THIS printable format for you to print out and insert into your own Yearbook!
Advocating for the Island Community,

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