June 1, 2020
To the Pace Community,
It has been difficult to watch what has gone on in New York City, and around the country, over the past few days. It is even more difficult to comprehend the senseless loss of Black lives. George Floyd should be alive today. Ahmaud Arbery should be. Breonna Taylor should be.
Yesterday, I issued the following statement on behalf of the University:
Recent days have once again laid bare the brutal truth that a significant number of our fellow citizens are devalued and mistreated because of the color of their skin. I speak for everyone at Pace University when I say that such treatment is abhorrent and unacceptable, and that we understand the anguish, frustration, and anger that stems from it.
In this challenging time, we stand, as always, with all of our students, faculty, and staff, especially those of color. We are steadfast in our belief in the power of peaceful protest. And we support anyone and everyone in our community working to change the world for the better. 
Our mission as a University is to educate the leaders and thinkers who will confront inequality and fight for justice. We know this work is hard, but it is necessary. In the coming days and weeks, we will bring our community together and work to find ways to channel our outrage into positive change. We join with all who are working for justice and equality. 
We care about our community, and most especially those in it who are hurting. We are here to support you. This morning, our Chief Diversity Officer, Tiffany Hamilton, in coordination with Human Resources, led an open session for faculty and staff to gather and process these recent events. Her office, together with my office and other University units, is developing a series of other conversations and actions to help all of us—students, faculty, and staff—come together as a community and find ways to make positive change in our city and our country. 
Thank you for sharing your voices with us on social media and through other channels. We hear you, and we will continue to hear you. We know these events are painful. We are working to develop productive ways to move our Community forward, together and in support of one another. We’ll have a fuller communication, with details of these plans, later this week.
Please stay safe, and stay strong.
Marvin Krislov
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