July, 2015
Issue: 10
1. PACHANGA For Health! 
Health4All Merced advocate holds up Health4All sign in support of bill at Sacramento Immigrant Day Rally last May, 18th. Photo by BHC Merced. 
  • In the wake of SB4 (the Healthcare for All Bill) that expands access to healthcare for undocumented Californians passing the state's Appropriations and enviably to be signed by Gov. Jerry Brown; Merced residents and advocates for the bill are hosting a PACHANGA!
  • The Health4All Pachanga, Spanish for 'celebration' is set to take place on July 30th, 2015 at the McNamara Youth Center in South Merced. Festivities begins at 6pm. [BHC Calendar]
  • "This event is really about giving recognition to the residents of Merced County, that were instrumental in the advocacy of Health4All here..." 
  • "It's a call to action, really. With Sb4 limited to only children, we want to make sure that the residents know the achievements we have accomplished this far and that securing health care for ALL Californians has truly just begun"
    Isai Palma, Outreach & Logistics for BHC Merced. 
  • Last May, over 250 people met to discuss the needs to provide health care for undocumented at the first 'Health4All Dialogue' in Merced County; An event that showcase the growing support for the bill. An article by journalist, Ana Ibarra of the Merced Sun-Star best sums up the event. [Ana B. Ibarra / Merced Sun Star]
  • For more information about the 'Health4All Celebration' click on the flyers below.
2. BHC Community Circle Comes to Planada.

  • We are excited to announce that the 3rd Quarterly BHC Community Circle will take place on Saturday, August 22nd in the beautiful town of Planada! [BHC Merced Blog]
  • Every Community Circle is different, and this year's Planada Community Circle will be an interactive, outdoor art exhibit and neighborhood festival to connect residents to current campaigns and issues in the community. 
  • Volunteers and support are needed. If you are interested in being part of the success of this event, please contact BHC Planada Representative and Hub Staff. Contact information is provided in link. [BHC Merced Blog]

3. Community Grants Now Available!

Fall Cycle BHC Community Grants now open.
  • "Twice a year, BHC of south and east Merced County funds projects in four communities: Planada, Le Grand, south Merced, and the Franklin-Beachwood area. According to BHC, the proposed projects should encourage youth leadership, community involvement and offer opportunities for participants to gain skills."  [Staff / Merced Sun Star]
  • The Deadline to apply for the grant is August 28th, 2015; Contact Hub staff for more information. [BHC Merced / Hub Staff]
  • BHC staff will also host grant workshops' through-out the month for those who need assistance in the application process. Dates and information of the workshops are included in the application.  [BHC Merced / Community Grants] 
4. Merced Redistricting At Full Throttle 
Communities for a New California organizer Aracely Garcia, left, speaks with volunteer and Merced resident Joyce Dale, right, while canvassing door to door along G Street in south Merced on Saturday. The organization has set out to encourage residents to attend an upcoming Independent Districting Advisory Committee meeting. Currently, all six City Council members live north of Bear Creek Drive. Photo by  Andrew Kuhn / Merced Sun Star.
  • This past weekend BHC partner, Communities for a New California was on the ground with local residents providing education on city council districts and importance of civic engagement. [Ana B. Ibarra / Sun Star]
  • "All our city officials live on the other side of town," Dale said. "We need representatives from this side, so that when an issue that directly affects our neighborhoods comes up, they will understand the needs." [Ana B. Ibarra / Sun Star]
  • We are encouraging all who are interested in the Merced Redistricting process to attend the last IDAC Meeting scheduled for August 1st, at Tenaya Middle School. [BHC Calendar]
  • In addition, you can now provide feedback on current submitted maps via the City of Merced website. Click on the image below to learn more. [City of Merced] 


  • "The districts are also supposed to make the City Council more representative of Merced's ethnic demographics...Though the city's population is 49.6 percent Hispanic, according to the U.S. census, the mayor and five of the councilmen are white. The seventh member is Hmong." [Thaddeus Miller / Sun Star]


  • Be Heard Be Connected: Vote for the Map that Works on the City of Merced Webpage. [BHC Merced / Blog]


  • Stay connected with BHC related events on our community Calendar [BHC Calendar]

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