This past week, Pacific was again named one of Oregon's Best Employers  by Oregon Business Magazine. This is the fourth time we have received this award and one we are extremely proud of. Although our business is landscaping, we consider it serving people through people. Our relationships with our customers and employees is vital to our success and satisfaction. Maintaining and renovating landscapes is important, and we are always working on improving our skill and expertise, but that work requires relationships with customers and employees and those relationships determine our success.

We are very confident that we have the most skilled and motivated staff in the local industry. We are very selective in out selection of who will join our team at all levels and once on board, we work hard to train, motivate and acknowledge the success and accomplishment of our team. We work to ensure a career path for all and assist each of our team in fulfilling their potential. We also work hard to create a culture of respect and work hard to have as much fun as we can. 

With all our effort, we believe you win as much as we do as our great staff do a fantastic job maintaining and renovating your landscape as well as keeping you informed when issues come up or requests come in.
Thank you for your confidence and the opportunity to help our team fulfill their career aspirations through serving you and your property.
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