This past week, David Grover, Sherwood Branch Manager, and Artemio Morales, Water Conservation Specialist, attended the 2019 Irrigation Show & Education Week in Las Vegas. In our ongoing goal to provide our customers with the best and most cost effective irrigation water savings tools possible, we are members of the Irrigation Association, attend their shows and seminars, and hold their certifications.

With water being the fastest growing utility cost, rates rising double and triple other real estate management costs, (Portland's water rates have increased annually 6.82% over the past decade),  water conservation is not only the right thing to due to support sustainability goals, it has some of the best ROI of any property project.

We promote SmartLink's weather-based remote irrigation control that can save 20-40% on manually controlled irrigation.  We have also developed a Water Conservation Evaluation that we are promoting to all our customers to help identify system upgrades and landscape modifications that can also reduce water use and save you operational dollars. 

Let us help you save water and money:

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