Vegetated Private Water Quality Facilities, VPWQF, BioSwales, Rain Gardens, whatever you want to call them, you all have one and need to maintain it. Whether you do because it is “the right thing to do” to lessen your developments impact on the environment, or because your local city has or will come calling telling you that their city code requires they enforce you to do so, you need to have a resource to assist you. We are your resource. 

Vegetated Water Quality Facilities, or what we like to call BioSwales, are like any other facility element, they need to be maintained to work properly. Almost all properties have at least one and they are often off in the back of the property, out of sight and ignored. If not properly maintained, the often become overgrown with undesirable and noxious weeds, choking out the designed and desirable plants, taking them out of compliance.
DEQ had been working with local cities to inspect and encourage or require landowners to correct the non-complying facilities. We have been asked on numerous occasions to help our customers bring their facilities back into compliance and begin maintaining them and keep them in compliance. 

Pacific is a leader and Bob Grover has been a national resource for the development of these management programs. 

Clean Water Services worked in partnership with Portland Community College to develop Vegetated-Private-wqf Management Training Program. Most of our account managers and field operations managers have staff attended this training and several more will attend this week.  We are certified as a Vegetated Private Water Quality Facility Contractor and has received praise from CWS: 

“Please pass along my gratitude for Pacific Landscape Management’s continued interest in this training. The goal is to convey standardized inspection and maintenance practices for maintaining these important water quality features to improve efficiency and effectiveness, which in turn helps to protect our local river and streams. We are starting to experience these improvements and Pacific Landscape Management is certainly a large reason why.”
Tony Gilbertson, CPESC | Systems Planning Supervisor Clean Water Services
We look forward to the opportunity to help you stay in compliance or get back into compliance. We are confident we can do so with a cost-effective approach.