Pacific Masters Swimming Coaches Newsletter Issue No. 30

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Happy New Year Coaches!
There are over 100 clubs in the Pacific Masters region Is your club contact information up to date? Please check this page to make sure your club info is current.   

Do you have an idea or request for a specific coaches clinic?  If so, please email Laura Schuster and we can set something up for 2017!  
Level 4 Coaches Certification, Jan 23-Feb 25, 2017
If you are a USMS Level 3 coach and want to submit an application for Level 4, follow these guidelines/instructions: 
  • Current USMS membership
  • At least five years of Masters coaching experience
  • Currently in a head or assistant Masters coach position with significant responsibility in team operations beyond coaching workouts
  • Current American Red Cross certification for either 1) Lifeguarding OR 2) CPR-AED/First Aid and Safety Training for Swim Coaches.  
  • A minimum of 650 total points on the Level 4 application
If you need help with your application, please contact Laura Schuster. She and several other coaches in Pacific LMSC have successfully completed the Level 4 application and we can help to ensure your application is complete!  
Job Announcements:
The fastest way to announce job openings is to post on the Pacific Masters Facebook Page.  
If you would like us to post a job announcement here, please email schulaura65@hotmailcom

Next Pacific Masters Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, February 15, 7:30 pm, Conference Call 

Workout of the Week: 
600yds drill/kick/swim set
4 x 200: Descend on your base +10
2 x 50: Moderate/recover +15
3 x 200: Hold time on #4 above +20
2 x 50: Moderate/recover +15
2 x 200: Beat time on #4  +30
2 x 50: Moderate/recover +15
1 x 200: Kick w/ fins: Goal: base pace
2 x 50: Easy Breast - stretch it out 

USMS Coaches Committee
The USMS Coaches Committee exists to educate and support the coaches of masters teams. We have conference calls monthly to help us exchange ideas and work toward our goals. One of which is to improve communication with all our coaches across the U.S. By sharing the minutes of our meetings, we can give you some insights into the projects we are working on and goals we are working toward. Click here for our recent meeting notes (they start with Coaches Committee...)
Laura Schuster
VP Clubs and Coaches
Pacific Masters Swimming