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Week of April 27, 2020 
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In this issue you will find information on upcoming pool events and other information of interest to the local adult swimming community.
The next issue of the Update will appear on May 11, 2020.  The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, May 6, 2020. 
Stay fit,
The Pacific Masters Swimming Committee

COVID-19 and Meet Cancellations

Pacific Masters Swimming continues to closely monitor the outbreak and our policies will follow the recommendations and guidelines of the various local public departments in which our swim meets and open water events are conducted, as well as USMS.  Changes to the event calendar will be published as soon as they are received. 
Maintaining Fitness Out of the Water

USMS recognizes our need to stay strong and fit, offering the COVID-19 Member Resources page where we easily find articles, workouts, benefits, community engagement and catching up on our goals. This list guarantees wonderful ways to nurture the athlete within.  

Swim Outlet posts fun dryland workouts.  You can find these on Instagram, go to their Swim Outlet IGTV section which allows older workouts to be re-watched! 

Each of us have different physical limitations and dryland fitness levels. Dryland workouts are to help us maintain our fitness and improve our ability to transition back into the water when the time comes.  Do exercises that do not cause pain. If you feel pain during a workout, stop the specific exercise. Be safe. Be well.
Ways Coaches Stay in Touch with Swimmers
Services Your Team Can Use

Swim Swam shared 7 services your team can use to stay in touch while we're remote.  Video communication include Skype, Google Hangouts, and Oovoo.  Video live streaming is possible through You Tube and Vimeo.

An 8th service, not mentioned in Swim Swam's article, is group FaceTime on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  As many as 32 people can be on a group chat at one time.  It is as easy as making a phone call. Go here for details. 
USMS Participant Accident Insurance Coverage  Update for Dryland Video Training 

Approved activities, under COVID-19 Policy Updates, may now include virtual dryland training/instruction under the direct supervision of a USMS member. The virtual trainings must be in real-time via the internet and can be on the club's platform of choice. The instructor must be able to communicate both visually and audibly with participants at all times during instruction.

Coverage does not extend to recorded videos/sessions where there is no real-time interaction between instructor and athlete. 

Requirements to maintain good standing with your insurance policy:
  • All instructors and participants must be active members of USMS.
  • Instructors should make all necessary adjustments to exercises to ensure the proper execution by participants promoting safety during all activities. 
  • Instructors should survey each participants' area of exercise prior to training and eliminate any potential obstructions.
Instructors should begin each session with the following safety message:  

"Each of you may have different physical limitations and dryland fitness levels. This dryland workout is to help you maintain your fitness and improve your ability to transition back into the water when the time comes. I caution you to do only the exercises that do not cause pain. If you feel any type of pain during the workout, please stop the specific exercise and let me know immediately. It is acceptable to skip exercises, modify exercises, or to reduce the number of repetitions. Any questions"?   
Nominations for At-Large Directors 

USMS will hold elections for at-large directors this year. The nomination period lasts until April 30. Information packets are available on the 2020 Elections page of the USMS website or by contacting Elections Chair Erin Sullivan. 
Nominations for Volunteer Service Awards

USMS presents a number of awards annually to members who have excelled in various areas. The details and recipients of each type of award may be found on our  Awards page. Send in your nominations today for USMS Coach of the Year, Dorothy Donnelly Service Award, June Krauser Communications Award, and many others. Nominations for all awards are due July 1 (except the Capt. Ransom J. Arthur Award, which was due on March 15).  
Annual Coach Appreciation Week
May 3 to 9

Whatever the reason we start Masters swimming, many of us depend on our coaches to keep us coming back to the pool.  Whether it is providing stroke instruction to help us improve or stay injury free, workouts that are interesting and challenging, or a word of encouragement when we are feeling down, our coaches are an essential element of our swimming routine.  Despite their importance, it is easy to take them for granted and forget to thank them for their efforts.  For this reason, Pacific Masters Swimming established Coach Appreciation Week designated as the week beginning with the first Sunday in May.  The Annual Pacific Masters Coach Appreciation week will be May 3 to 9, 2020.

While we encourage our members to regularly thank their coaches, during Coach Appreciation Week, we hope swimmers and clubs will make an extra effort to show their appreciation.  Here are some ideas:

For individuals:
  • A card or email telling the coach how his/her instruction helped you accomplish a goal
  • A gift card for coffee, ice cream, a movie, a meal, etc.
  • Flowers, candy, book, wine or other special treat you think your coach will enjoy
For clubs:
  • A massage or spa day
  • A certificate for a weekend away or a special meal with his/her partner
  • A Dessault Falcon 7X business jet for transportation to next year's USMS Nartionals
Please consider Coach Appreciation Week as an opportunity to let your coach know how much you value his/her efforts. 
Connect with Pacific Masters on Social Media
For more updates and another way to connect with Pacific Masters, join the Official Pacific Masters Facebook page .  

With meets on hold, we're missing our swim buddies.  Join our Group Forum to continue chatting with fellow swimmers.  Share with all of us what you are doing for exercise, what you miss most about working out together, and whether or not swimming is in your dreams!   

We would love to share your photos and comments on social media during coaches week! Please send any photos or kind words about your coaches HERE.
Pacific Masters Monthly Meeting
May 20

This will be a call-in meeting only, beginning at 7 PM. All members are encouraged to participate. For details about how to call in, please contact Chris Ottati, Administrator.
Open Water Swim Season 

Due to the ongoing safety and health concerns in our communities, events have been cancelled and refunds are being processed for those people who have already registered.  Cancellations are listed below:

May 16 Spring Lake Swim by Redwood Coast Masters. Dependent upon the park availability and the safety precautions to come, it may be rescheduled.

June 6 Lake Berryessa OW swim by Davis Masters.  The club is investigating possibilities of re-scheduling the event later in September.

June 12-13 Del Valle Open Water Festival by Tri Valley Masters is cancelled. Preparation for this event will now be redirected for 2021.   
Coach and Swim Clinics

We look forward to resuming our new coach and swim clinics when the coronavirus outlook has improved. 

Why We Swim
Author Bonnie Tsui

Bay Area author, Bonnie Tsui, was recently reviewed by  The San Francisco Chronicle for her latest book, Why We Swim. "Every swimmer has a story to tell," cites Bonnie. Her book is filled with swimming stories that include how  Gudlaugur Fridporsson became an Icelandic icon, how a leg injury led to successful distance swimming for Kim Chambers, and how an Iraq war commandeer taught swim lessons in Saddam Hussein's pool. The healing of her broken family through swimming is one of the endearing testimonies in Why We Swim. To get a taste of Tsui's writing, The New York Times published an adaption of her crafty storytelling.   Bonnie is a member of U.S. Masters Swimming, competing with Albany Armada Aquatic Masters.