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Week of June 8, 2020  
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In this issue you will find information on upcoming pool events and other information of interest to the local adult swimming community.
The next issue of the Update will appear on June 22, 2020.  The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, June 17, 2020. 
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COVID-19 Restart Guide

As pools and aquatics facilities reopen across the country, U.S. Masters Swimming wants to help you to bring back your Masters program and swimmers. Although many questions remain and circumstances vary, these ideas can be used to help you return to the water. 

First and foremost, consult with and defer to local authorities and facility managers on all health and safety provisions, including guidance and rules related to social distancing and group sizes.  Educate yourself on facility, local, state, and federal guidelines.  

You may consider sending a letter to your local health officials providing encouragement and guidelines for the safe opening of the pool for supervised swim practice.  Read more...

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention sites considerations for public pools, hot tubs and water playgrounds.
How to Make Peace with Your Fitness After a Long Break

The thought of getting back in the water right now, for most swimmers, is probably twofold. One: "Woohoo! Finally!" The other: "This has the potential to be really ugly." 

True, your first few strokes in the water aren't going to be like the last few you took before going on hiatus because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are ways to approach re-entry without getting frustrated or beating yourself up about where your swim fitness is. 

"It's not unlike a comeback from an injury," says Darrell Phillips, certified mental performance consultant and adjunct faculty member at the University of Kansas. "You need to be realistic about what you expect...
Coaches Calls
Information and Registration

The Coaches and LMSC Development Committees have collaborated with the U.S. Masters Swimming National Office on peer-to-peer calls.   Transitioning to Coaching Open Water is the featured topic on June 9 at 8:30 p.m. EST, and Gain Access to the Water and Restart Your Masters Practice  on June 11 at 8:00 p.m. EST.  Register here for both calls.  
So You Want to be A Masters Swim Coach?

There you are, daydreaming about swim coaching yet again.  Ah, the flexible hours, the new friends in all age groups, the rewards of teaching water skills to adults, the joys of seeing your athletes enter their first competitive events, the impact of improving the well-being of others.  Then, suddenly, your daydream halts the moment you realize how stuck at home you are, fixed to your computer, zooming in and out of meetings, and without much energy. 

The daydream returns, weaving in and out of your afternoon.  You think about the coaches who have impacted your life and wonder how they have achieved what they have.  You wish someone would know about your dreams to become a coach.  This is your moment.  Now.  Take that step, and let the coaches in our local masters swim committee, Pacific Masters Swimming, know of your desires to become a swim coach. With your first step, a new adventure begins.
USMS Award Nominations and Championship Bidding

Bidding for USMS Open Water and ePostal Championships remain open until August 24.  Please see our last issue for more information.

Nominations for USMS Volunteer Awards remain open until July 1.  Please see USMS Awards page for details.
Pacific Masters Social & Monthly Meeting
June 17: Social at 6:30 pm, Meeting at 7pm

We are excited to move our monthly meeting to the Zoom platform. Since we all miss the in-person socializing - at 6:30 we will open the meeting early to see each other and say hello!  The meeting will begin promptly at 7 pm; so if this is your first time Zooming, we suggest you sign on a little early. You can ask questions and make sure everything is working technically... ALSO we'd love to see you for some catching up. All members are encouraged to participate. Our monthly meeting reminder email will provide the Zoom link. If you are not on that list and would like to attend, please contact Chris Ottati, Administrator for details.
Last Call for Open Water Awards, Top Finishers

Have you earned a coveted Pacific Masters Swimming Open Water Award in the past ten years?  Do you have that award in your possession?  If not, it has been kept safe and sound in the garage of MEMO's Head Coach, Marcia Benjamin.  Do you realize how long she's waited for you?  That wait is coming to an end with this announcement.  Awards held for Top Finishers in the form of coolers, snow globes, trunk organizers and colorful, lush towels are destined for YOU TO PICK UP, or else!  You know who you are.  If still interested, contact Chris Ottati, Administrator.  

Unclaimed awards will be donated if we do not hear from you by June 15.
Pacific Masters Facebook - Group Forum

Travel through swim memories without ever leaving home by visiting the Pacific Masters Facebook - Group Forum.  One item you will find there is artwork commemorating The Keller Cove Open Water race, comprised of the one, two and half-mile races.  This event typically marks the last race in the Pacific Masters open water season. 

 Connect with others by joining the Official Pacific Masters Facebook page .  
Open Water Swim Season 

Due to the ongoing safety and health concerns in our communities, events have been cancelled and r efunds are being processed for those people who have already registered.  

June 12-13 Del Valle Open Water Festival by Tri Valley Masters is cancelled. Preparation for this event is redirected for 2021.   

August 1-2 Santa Cruz Open Water weekend is cancelled.

August 15 Donner Lake registration is on hold until July 1 pending the outlook.

Other Open Water Races
Save the Bay, (Virtual) Swim for Narragansett Bay, May 6 - August 31 article

Dive into a world of swimming that existed over the past decade, and review scenes from U.S. Masters Swimming - YouTube Channel. You'll find videos offering triathlete swimming tips, information about Masters Swimming 101, swimming pool tips and popular clips from races past. Editor's note: "I was surprised to relive Nathan Adrian's 100 Freestyle race posted in the popular uploads section. That day in 2014, I stood on deck and stared with amazement at the time on the scoreboard of 41.13 posted as he finished his race. Years later, I still feel bits of adrenaline running through my veins as I watch that race on YouTube."