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Week of April 25, 2016  
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In this issue you will find information on upcoming pool events, open water swims, clinics, as well as other information of interest to the local adult swimming community.


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USMS National Championships, Greensboro, NC 
April 28-May 1

Registration is now closed for the USMS National Championship meet in Greensboro, NC. You can find information about hotels, places to visit, and social activities here. USMS national meets are a great place to meet new swim friends and spend time with old swim friends. We hope to see you there!
Coach Appreciation Week
May 1-7

Our coaches are an essential element of our swimming routine. Despite their importance, it is easy to take them for granted and forget to thank them for their efforts. For this reason Pacific Masters Swimming established Coach Appreciation Week designated as the week beginning with the first Sunday in May. This year the Annual Pacific Masters Coach Appreciation Week will begin on May 1st.  
While we encourage our members to regularly thank their coaches, during Coach Appreciation Week we hope swimmers and clubs will make an extra effort to show their appreciation. Here are some ideas:
For individuals:
  • A card or email telling the coach how his/her instruction helped you accomplish a goal.
  • A gift card or certificate for coffee, ice cream, a movie, a meal, or a small present which you think your coach will enjoy.
For clubs:
  • A breakfast, lunch or dinner to honor the coach.
  • A certificate for a weekend away or a special meal with his/her partner.
Keelhauler LCM Time Trial
May 15

Are you looking to assess your fitness going into the long course season?  California Maritime Academy Masters invites you to participate in the second annual long course meters time trial event at their new aquatics facility in Vallejo, CA on Sunday, May 15. Check our website later this week for event information and a registration linkThere will be 50m, 100m, and 200m events for all four strokes (including the 200 IM). The time trials are intended to gain experience in swimming long course and WILL NOT count for records or top ten. All times are unofficial.
Spring Lake Swims
May 21

Redwood Coast Masters hosts Pacific Masters Swimming's first open water race on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at Spring Lake Park in Santa Rosa, CA. Online registration is now open: registration. There will be a 500m race starting at 9:00 am and a 1-mile race at 9:30 am. For more information, visit the Lifeguards For Life website.  
Bay Area Senior Games
May 22

The 2016 Bay Area Senior Games swimming competition will be held at the Avery Aquatic Center at Stanford University on May 22. Registration. May 9 is the deadline for entering the meet.  
34th Annual Lake Berryessa Swim
June 4

Davis Aquatic Masters' Annual Lake Berryessa Swim is one of the longest-running open water swim events in America. Begun in 1981, this event now attracts over 500 swimmers each year and features 1- and 2-mile swims. Registration is now open: registration.
2016 Del Valle Open Water Festival
June 11-12

The 2016 Del Valle Open Water Festival, sponsored by Tri Valley Masters, features 5K and 10K open water swims on Saturday, June 11 and 1.2km and 2.5km swims on Sunday, June 12. Online registration is now open! Event Information and Registration.
2016 SCY Championships

The 2016 Pacific Masters Short Course Yards Championships were held on April 8, 9, and 10 at Campolindo High School's Soda Aquatic Center in Moraga. This year's wet and chilly conditions made staying warm a top priority for the 674 swimmers of all ages who attended, but in no way dampened their competitive spirit. Read more about the meet here.
Disclaimer: Receipt of this correspondence is not an indication that your membership in USMS or Pacific Masters Swimming is current. To check if your membership is current, please follow [this link ].