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Week of May 30, 2016  
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In this issue you will find information on upcoming pool events, open water swims, clinics, as well as other information of interest to the local adult swimming community.


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The Pacific Masters Swimming Committee 

2016 USMS Convention Delegates Needed
September 22-25

We invite you to  represent PacMasters Swimming at the USMS Convention this fall! This year's Masters Convention will be held in Atlanta, GA and hotel and air travel expenses are covered by Pacific Masters. You will meet hundreds of people from all over the country who have similar interests to yours while participating in the workings of our national organization. It's an amazing event and may even change your life.  Some controversial open water legislation will be talked about at this year's convention as well as other timely topics that affect Pacific swimmers, upon which you will have the opportunity to vote. If you are interested, please contact Chairman John King or Administrator Charlene O'Brien
34th Annual Lake Berryessa Swim
June 4

Davis Aquatic Masters' Annual Lake Berryessa Swim is one of the longest-running open water swim events in America. Begun in 1981, this event now attracts over 500 swimmers each year and features 1- and 2-mile swims. Registration is now open: Registration.
2016 Del Valle Open Water Festival
June 11-12

The 2016 Del Valle Open Water Festival, sponsored by Tri Valley Masters, features 5K and 10K open water swims on Saturday, June 11 and 1.2K and 2.5km swims on Sunday, June 12. Online registration is now open! Event Information and Registration.
Sonoma Wine Country Senior Games
June 18

The Sonoma Wine Country Games are the premier event for athletes 50+ featuring plenty of competition, a chance to make new friends and strengthen old friendships and a time to relax and renew. The deadline for entries to be received is June 11. Registration
Quicksilver Masters
Celebrate America LCM Meet
June 26   Note new date!

Quicksilver Masters will hold a long course meet in San Jose at Gunderson High School on Sunday, June 26. This meet will have a variety of events, some of which will be Americana events for which all finishers will receive a special ribbon. Information and. Registration
Upcoming Events
  • July 22-24: PacMasters Long Course Championships, San Mateo
  • July 30: Santa Cruz Rough Water
  • July 31: Cruz Cruise, Santa Cruz
  • August 6: End of Summer Splash, Woodland H.S. (north of Davis)
  • August 13: USMS Championship, Donner Lake
  • August 17-21: USMS National LCM Championships, Gresham, OR
2018 USMS National Championships Bids
Open Water and ePostal Events
USMS is looking for teams to sponsor various National Championship events to be held in 2018. These events include Open Water events as well ePostal events . Hosts will be chosen before the 2016 USMS National Convention, which will be held in late September. If your team is interested, look at the  information sheet which contains links to the f orm s for bids. Bids for Open Water are due by July 15, 2016 and those for ePostal are due by July 1.
From the Editor

Open water season has begun! You can practice for this in your pool if you don't have regular access to a patch of open water. Some of the things you can practice are sighting, drafting (your lanemates will love this), and varying speeds. Practicing swimming around buoys is a little tougher with lane lines, but I have successfully practiced by having one swimmer tread water and another swimmer swimming around the first. You might want to watch this video or this one. Another way to quickly turn around a buoy is to take several strokes with the same arm like this.Talk to your coach for more information and have a great summer swimming in a lake, bay, or ocean! 

For more about the Pacific Masters open water season,  read this article (which is on our website). 
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