ORANGE is the new GREEN .  Once again, Pacific Landscape Management has been named one of the 100 Best Green Workplaces   in Oregon by Oregon Business . We are honored to be have been on this list for over 10 years since it’s inception. We are also proud to lead the local and national landscape industry in developing and improving sustainable service offerings and business practices.

This year, there is a feature in the Oregon Business Magazine on Pacific Landscape Management. See Article on page 10.
For over a decade, Pacific Landscape Management has worked to improve our service offerings, business practices, equipment fleet, and facility to have a less negative impact on the environment. Through this, we have significantly reduced the use of pesticides through IPM and converted to the lowest toxic pesticides, converted to organic blend fertilizers, converted to low emission equipment including converting many to propane, are converting our fleet to clean diesel and hybrid. We have also promoted the use of new water conservation irrigation technology, installed solar panels on two of our facilities, installed rain gardens and bio-swales at all of our facilities, and have completed many other projects to reduce our environmental impact.   
We are also proud to be certified and trained in many sustainable practices including: LEED GA EPA WaterSense Partners , Portland EcoBiz , Organic Land Care Practitione r , Salmon Safe , and Recycle at Work. 

We are pleased to have done this without impacting the cost of our services to our customers.  We are proud of this honor and it only motivates us to continue our quest to serve you in the most sustainable way possible.