Pacific Team Meets For Strategic Planning

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, the Pacific Landscape Management team met for our annual Strategic Planning. It was a fantastic event which excites us all for the future and continues our mission to serve our customers while helping our team to grow and develop. We have had an extraordinary 4 years, where we have grown our customer base and grown and developed our team. We are confident we have the strongest, most capable team in the area and look forward to our success continuing with the work of our strategic planning process.
Our Strategic Intentions are as follows:  
  • Define our tools and role as our clients Landscape ASSET MANAGER
  • Expand our use of LEAN in all that we do to help control and offset the rapid labor costs
  • Support TEAM ORANGE through enhancing employee communication, support and development programs
We appreciate our customer's confidence and are positive that our service will continue to be worthy of that confidence. Thank you for being our partner. We will work very hard to continue to do our part.

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