$354,886.55:  L.A.D.W.P. REFUNDS TO OUR CLIENTS FOR 2015!
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"The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power doesn't expect to completely work through problems associated with a new computer billing system that resulted in revenue shortfalls until year end", according to  The Bond Buyer on February 25th, 2016.... 

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In 2015, the theme of the year was water conservation, especially concerning common interest developments.  Here is a quick recap of 2015 laws pertaining to common-area utilities: ASSEMBLY BILL 349 (Gonzalez):This bill was signed into law in 2015, and makes void and unenforceable any provision of an association's governing documents or architectural or landscaping guidelines that prohibit the use of artificial turf or any other synthetic surface that resembles grass.  However, the provision in existing law that allows an HOA to apply landscaping rules would still apply to artificial turf or synthetic grass. This new law became effective on 9/14/2015....

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  • Lack of Expertise - Employees not up to date on all changes, new rates, data input errors, employee turnover, etc.
  • Too Small Staff & Budget - Too many projects, inadequate personnel to cover service area and number of customers and calls, cannot read meters every month, etc.....

If you answered "TRUE" to any of these statements, you could be throwing money away each month when you pay your telephone and utility bills!

The truth of the matter is that utility billing errors are widespread.  In addition, the vast majority of utility customers pay their utility bills largely by guesswork.  In doing so, you are probably paying more than you should.  And fewer than 50% of customers that qualify for new or alternative rate schedules designed to encourage energy efficiency or reduce your monthly utility expense are receiving any or all of these reductions on their utility bills....

Our newsletters are designed to inform and educate subscribers about the utility industry trends and developments and how it impacts your business, community association, property or city.  If you want more information on rising utility costs, how the drought will impact you, alternative utility rate schedules, and utility auditing, you will find that information provided in these newsletters.  We welcome your feedback, and your requests will be addressed in future newsletters!


Erin Kelly
Pacific Utility Audit, Inc.