Pacifica Synod e-Message
Pacifica Synod Assembly Registration Information

In less than three months, our 33rd Annual Pacifica Synod Assembly will take place. This year, Pacifica Synod and Southwest California Synod will celebrate their synod assemblies together on the campus of our university, California Lutheran. Expect to be encouraged and inspired by ministries we are already doing together and dream of where God is calling us to future endeavors. 
We are pleased to provide you with the attached registration information and worksheet which you can download by clicking this link. These instructions have also been mailed to each congregation. This information will guide you through our online registration process which is NOW OPEN. Please use this worksheet to assemble the information you will need BEFORE you go online to register. Once you have your information collected, follow this registration link to begin the registration process.

California Lutheran University requires the completion of a Liability Waiver & Release Form for EVERYONE attending events on the CLU Campus. Please download a copy of the waiver here for everyone attending and have them complete the form ahead of time and bring it with them to the assembly. It will be collected when they check in. There is no need to send the waiver ahead of time. Copies of the waiver will also be available at the assembly.

Please note: Housing reservations must be made separately. You have the option of staying on campus in the dorms or at a local hotel. Please visit the joint Synod Assembly housing page for details. It is up to participants to reserve their own housing.

Information about the joint activities, housing, speakers and scheduled events will be listed on our SWCA and Pacifica Synod Assembly web page. Information is being added as it becomes available, so if you don't see what you're looking for, please check back often or contact the synod office at 714.692.2791.

If you need other information about the assembly specific to Pacifica Synod (such as nominations, retired voting members, etc.), please visit the Pacifica Assembly page on our synod website (

If you have questions or need help with the registration process, please contact Terri Robertson at the synod office at 714.692.2791 or by email at