Greetings to All,
As we enter this important time prior to the synod assembly, we give thanks for those who will be attending the assembly as voting members. These voting members will be present as the Holy Spirit moves through the assembly and guides their hearts and minds to elect and call the next bishop of Pacifica.
Because the election of a bishop is both an election and a call process, it is important to reflect on the office of the bishop and the responsibilities of that office. Our churchwide representative, Victoria Flood, will speak on the role and responsibilities of the synod bishop and the importance of the election process at the assembly. We offer in this communication the portions of the Constitution that describe the responsibilities of the office of the bishop.
Following the synod constitution, any minister of Word and Sacrament (pastor) who is on the roster of the ELCA can be elected bishop. The voting members of the assembly will listen for the guidance of the Holy Spirit throughout the process and we trust God will guide them to select the right person. The process for nominating and electing the next bishop, including an explanation of the modified ecclesiastical ballot used in Pacifica, was previously described and can be found in Synod communications from February 17.
We ask for all congregations in Pacifica to please pray. Pray for the voting members who are called to this time and for their discernment as they vote. Pray for all the ministers of Word and Sacrament whose names will appear on the ballot for bishop – those who have already discerned this call, and those for whom the Holy Spirit is a still small voice. And pray for all those involved in this process, as together in Christ, we elect and call the next bishop to Pacifica.
Becky Draper and Lori Herman
Bishop Election Committee Co-Chairs