This fall, we shared the information below with all who attended our online Bishop's Gatherings and joined in conversation together. Now we are pleased to share these broadly across our synod and invite YOU to journey with us as we live into our new Mission Statement, Core Values, Mission Results Areas and Goals.

In 2019, we began the conversation about where God was calling the Pacifica Synod over the next 3 to 5 years. This was the beginning of the creation of Pacifica’s Strategic Plan that will guide the Synod as we interact as a Synod, as we interact with our congregations, and as we interact with our neighbors.

This plan was developed under the leadership of the members of our Strategic Planning Team. Along with our Rostered Ministers, Synod Council members and staff, 88 worshipping communities participated in visioning sessions and 462 lay members responded to an online survey.

Born of this listening to God and to each other, is a new Mission Statement to guide us. This Mission Statement will be in front of us as we do church together - to be the expectation of our actions within the Office of the Bishop, within the Synod Council, and within all aspects of our Pacifica life together.

Your responses also helped shape the Core Values that will guide the work of the Pacifica Synod. The Core Values speak to not only who we are, but who we aspire to be as people of God and people of Pacifica.

How we will, together in Christ, go about living into this Mission and these Core Values is through our Mission Result Areas – or MRAs. These are the actionable goals and objectives we hope to achieve over the next 3-5 years. These MRAs will be championed by many throughout the Synod.

We are asking YOU to continue to be a part of the plan. Pray about areas you are called to lead or support. About ways we can do church together. Please let us know if you feel moved to work on one or more of these goals. We are developing teams to implement the plan throughout the synod. If you are interested in partnering with us, please complete this fillable form and email it to Rachel Line at Be sure to save the document to your computer and click "enable editing" before filling it out. Then save it again before emailing it.

Please choose no more than 3 goals and know that we will not ask you to work on more than one goal at a time.

Below you will find our new Mission Statement, Core Values and Mission Result Areas and Goals. We also have a booklet with all of these that you may download here to review and share with others.


Together in Christ we equip, accompany, and serve boldly
so all may experience God's boundless grace.

Together in Christ we are...
Claimed - we are loved and claimed by God in Jesus and we respond to the Spirit's call as we grow in faith and love.
Connected - we bring together our congregations, the church, and our neighbors.
Relational - we enter into relationships with our neighbors in new and gospel-centered ways.
Inclusive - we endeavor to welcome all, mindful of the things which divide us in the world, respecting and celebrating the diversity in which all are created.
Witnessing - we continuously witness to God dwelling in all creation.
Worshipful - we gather in the sanctuary of grace to proclaim God's love through Word and Sacrament.
Invested - we equip lay leaders, pastors, and deacons to serve.
Reforming - we strive to change systemic injustice in all contexts.
Together in Christ we are Pacifica Synod!

MRA #1 - Strengthen support for congregational ministry
Goal #1 - Pacifica Synod members will share their ancient faith in a modern world and strengthen our meaning and purpose as disciples of Jesus.
Goal #2 - Pacifica Synod members will implement effective outreach strategies to serve our communities.
Goal #3 - Congregations will collaborate and engage more deeply in local and global justice.
Goal #4 - Train congregational pastors, deacons, and council members in business and executive skills.
Goal #5 - Expand and develop communication about the work and ministry of the synod.

MRA #2 - Support resilient and faithful leaders
Goal #1 - Help rostered ministers thrive.
Goal #2 - Connect and empower lay leaders.

MRA #3 - Deepen diversity and inclusion
Goal #1 - A more diverse group of people will lead, influence, plan, and participate in the work of the synod.
Goal #2 - Expand diversity training for lay leaders and rostered ministers.
Goal #3 - Embed in our ministries a theological imagination in the context of race, ethnicity, sexuality and gender expression.
Goal #4 - Congregations will reflect the diversity in their neighborhoods.

MRA #4 - Reshape the Pacifica Synod for sustainable ministry
Goal #1 - Roles and boundaries of conferences will maximize the mission of the synod as a whole.
Goal #2 - Pacifica Synod and the Office of the Bishop will be financially healthy.
Goal #3 - Congregations will collaborate in shared ministry to encourage vitality and viability.
Goal #4 - Evaluate the synod's mission and sustainability in partnership with other Region 2 synods.