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  Fillers, Labelers, Sealers, Conveyors & more

Weigh Filler, manufactured by WeighPack, PrimoLinear Scale Model V-5 2L/3P, 5 liter bucket volume, 2-lane linear weigher. Complete with upgrade to triple pan configuration for increase accuracy per lane, funnel for two lane common, bulk & dribble gates for increased product control, pneumatically operated. Includes foot pedal for manual operation and PLC color touchscreen controls. Mounted on stainless steel frame with casters. Very good condition.

Form, Fill and Seal Machine / Bagger, manufactured by WeighPack, Vertek series, Model 750, serial number 4217. Rated for up to 50 bags per minute. Maximum bag width of 7.50". Bagger is set up for gas flush (less air regulator), 1/4" round hole punch, tear notcher and hot stamp printer. Includes PLC color touch screen controls. Mounted on stainless steel frame with casters. New in 2015. Last used for snack foods and in very good condition.

Pressure Sensitive Labeler, manufactured by Kosme, Model EXTRA.ADH.504. Rated for 460V, 3-phase, 60-cycle. Set up as front & back labeler, self adhesive labels, previously running on square spice bottles/cartons. Complete with infeed & discharge star wheels & some belt conveyor framework. Previously used at spice processing and packaging facility. 

Thermo Fisher metal detector, model Apex 500. Aperture measures 10" x 10". Unit includes belt conveyor, plastic interlock belt measures 8" x 8'. Product speed rated for 1.7 ft/min to 3,300 ft/min. Multi-coil design, dual frequency, epoxy-lined aperture with stainless steel case, IP69K washdown. Belt is currently set up for 8" high clearance. Unit is unused.

Packaging Equipment In Stock:

S742214  Capper, Pack West, Rotary Royal 8, Chuck Capper,
S742206 Cartoner, Adco, Mdl 12WA-175-SS, S/st, Carton Sleever,
C742785 Cartoner, Jones, Mdl IMV, 240 Vac,
C732580 Cartoner, Jones, Mdl OSC, Horizontal, Glue, 5 Centers,
L742398 Cartoner, Vertical, Glue Sealer, Carton Filler, Clybourn,
S742858 Case Sealer, Nordson, Mdl 3100, Hot Melt,
S742972 Case Taper, 3M-Matic, Mdl 176, Top & Btm
S742619 Case Taper, 3M, Top & Btm, Mdl 110A
S742625 Case Taper, 3M, Top & Btm, Mdl 110A, 115 Volt,
S742971 Case Taper, Best Pack, Mdl 3ALR-75R, Top & Btm
S742974 Case Taper, Loveshaw, Mdl SP3-3T, Top & Btm,
S742860 Caser, Stapler, Box, Post Bottom, Manual, 5/8-7/8 Staples,
S742645 Conveyor, Belt, 12 x 8.5', Incline, Z-Frame, Elevator,
S742671 Conveyor, Belt, 12 X 7', S/St, Cleated, Sanitary, 115 Vac
S742637 Conveyor, Belt, 12 X 5', 60 FPM, CS Frame, Adjustable,
S742636 Conveyor, Roller, 16, 90 Deg Turn, 1.5 Rollers
S742635 Conveyor, Roller, 12 X 5', On Legs, 1-1/2 Diameter Roller
S742675 Feeder, Cap, Inline Filling Systems, Sorter, 92 mm Cap,
S742694 Filler, Box/Jar, Single Station, Preweigh, Conveyor,
S742900 Filler, Bottle, 16-Head, Rotary, Pack West, F-36-16-P-LR-TD
S742210 Filler, Carton, 4-Head, Rotary, S/st, Glue Sealer,
S742190 Filler, Cup, Sealer, Euclid, Speedy Wet Cadet, (3)
C742584 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Vertek Bagger, 750, Gas Flush
S742207 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, All Fill, Horizontal, Pouches, 
C742585 Filler, Weigh, WeighPack, PrimoLinear, Mdl V-5 2L/3P
L742896 Filling Line, Bottle, Rotary Filler, Inline Capper, Sealer,
S742117 Inserter, Dessicant, Kalish, S/st, Bowl Feeder,
S742211 Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Kosme, Front & Back, S/st, 
S742925 Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Label Aire, Mdl 2111-M, Top,
S742615 Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Label Star, Wrap, Inspection,
S742151 Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, LSI, Mdl 3990, Wrap Around,
S742927 Printer, Ink Jet, Videojet, Excel 170i, High Speed
S742928 Printer, Inkjet, Videojet, Excel 170i, Parts Machine
S742601 Scale, Checkweigher, Mettler Toledo, Mdl XS2,
S742147 Scale, Checkweigher, Ramsey, AC 9000 Plus,
S742640 Scale, Platform, Doran, Mdl 4200RSS, Digital, 18 X 18
S742639 Scale, Platform, Doran, Mdl 4200, Digital, 18 X 18,
S738418 Sealer, Bag, Stitcher, Fishbein, Series 10,000, 1 HP
S741098 Sealer, Bag Vacuum, Tipper Tie, Manual,
C733225 Sealer, Bag, Doboy, Mdl M57APC-3918, S/st, Conveyor
S742973 Sealer, Band, Box Strapper, CE, Mdl EXB-200, Tabletop
S742641 Sealer, Band, Box Strapper, Signodem, Mdl LBX-2330,
S735362 Sealer, Bander, PDC, Mdl 65-M, Tamper Evident,
S735361 Sealer, Bander, PDC, Mdl 45-M, Tamper Evident,
S742592 Sealer, Induction, AutoMate, Mdl AM-250, Portable, S/st,
S742897 Sealer, Induction, Enercon, Mdl LM 3995-01,
S741522 Sealer, Induction, Pillar, Cap, Mdl 2220R, 6
S742486 Sealer, L-Bar, Belco, Mdl STC 2016, with Tunnel,
S742208 Sealer, L-Bar, Eastey, Mdl EMI622T, With Shrink Tunnel
S742118 Sealer, Neck Bander, Kalish, S/st, Mdl 5415, Mini Bandit
C733440 Sealer, Tray, Orics, Mdl 1000-MCTS, Continuous, 300 Tray/min
C740311 Sealer, Tray, Packaging Center, Supersealer, Mdl ET900L,
C737049 Sealer, Tray, Pryor, Mdl PPMC-HS/2, 22 Trays, 1 HP
C736229 Sealer, Tray, Reiser, Ross Inpack, Mdl S-45, 4-lane, Map,
C734237 Sealer, Vacuum, Inauen, Mdl VC999/08, 30 X 48, 13 KW
S740420 Sealer, Vacuum, Tray, Orics, Mdl SL VGF-100, 10 Trays/min
S742617 Sorter, Bottle, Pace Packaging, Mdl M300, Unscrambler,
S742613 Sorter, Bottle, Pace Packaging, Mdl M300AR, Unscrambler,
S742139 Wrapper, Bundler, API, Mdl DT 2000,
S742192 Wrapper, Bundler, API, Shrink,
S742604 Wrapper, Bundler, API, Shrink, Mdl APB S-PH
S742148 Wrapper, Bundler, ARPAC, Mdl 1158-20 TW, Overwrapper, Tunnel
S742627 Wrapper, Bundler, PesterPack, PEWO-pack 450 Therm, Tunnel,
C742432 Wrapper, Entrepack, Horizontal, Mdl HT-1162, Flow Wrapper
S742213 Wrapper, Overwrapper, PMI, S/st, Shrink Tunnel

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