We handle a wide range of case erecting options from semi-automatic to high speed fully automatic, in both tape and glue closure. Whether you have a one person packaging operation or need to supply erected and sealed cases to a high speed automated line, we have a solution.
Eastey Erectors
The Eastey semi-automatic Erector/Packer is an ideal solution for a single position erect and pack operation. The Erector/Pack Station will fold the bottom flaps and hold the case in position while the case is packed. When coupled with our case sealer the operator simply pushes the case into the case sealer where the side belts drive the case past the top flap folding bars and top & bottom tape heads. The case discharges closed and sealed. A case coder can also be added.

The Eastey ERX-15 is a mid-level automatic case erector which will automatically select a case from a magazine, open from a flat position then fold and seal the bottom flaps with tape. Depending on case size it can produce up to 12 cases per minute.
To see these machines in action, click the videos below!
Eastey EXCF
Eastey ERX-15
ABC Erector Series
Our high end and high speed offering is our line of ABC case erectors. This includes the base model 300, the 340 (oversized cases), the 335 (tab-lock cases) ,model 400 and the model 450 capable of up to 50 cases per minute. These are built for a demanding high volume environments where uptime reliability is a premium value. ABC has proven over the past 70 years to consistently deliver that value. All models are available in either glue or tape and come with a variety of features geared toward automated production.

 We offer a corresponding case top sealer
for all our case erectors!
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