Top Down or Bottom Up, We Can Pack Your RSC Style Case!
Our lineup of corrugated case packing equipment includes our Top Loading Trivex and Bottom Loading Ascend case packers. If an RSC style is your preferred shipping case these offer great options for automating the packing process.
If we can pick it up, we can top load it.

Our Trivex series of casepackers have an array of tooling for both mechanical gripping or vacuum hardware, to lift your products from the production line into an awaiting RSC style case. Your products can be accepted in a single or multiple lane configuration. Products can be rotated and spaced within the case to generate alternating pack patterns or to fit into partition compartments. Bags can be loaded flat or standing up on the same machine!

The Trivex platform is available as a standalone case loader which accepts pre-erected cases or with an integral case erector and sealer which can utilize hot melt glue for pressure sensitive tape for sealing the case. Text Link
If your product does not lend itself to top loading, we offer our bottom loading Ascend casepacker. This model includes an integral case erector which opens and positions the RSC style case for bottom loading.
Products are staged in a variety of ways to develop the product orientations required to create the desired pack patterns within the case. These include lane dividers, pump stacks and cross pushers. The entire case pack pattern is created prior to loading the case. The case is loaded in a single upward stroke and then advanced for sealing.
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