Race Day- Saturday, May 6, 2023

Packet Pick-up Details

Packet pick-ups start this weekend. Be sure to check the times and locations below.

Pick up your race packet at any of these locations on these dates and times. You can pick up for a friend, too. No need to let us know which location you'll be coming to. All the bibs will be available at each location.

Saturday, April 29- Milwaukee area

Noon to 3:30pm

Performance Running Outfitters- Brookfield location*

2205 N Calhoun Rd, Brookfield, WI

*Note change from previous years due to closing of Oak Creek location

Performance Running Outfitters will have a special promotion for anyone that picks up their packet at this time.

Sunday, April 30- Chicagoland

Noon to 3:30pm

Dick Pond Athletics- Park Ridge location

575 Busse Hwy, Park Ridge, IL

Dick Pond Athletics is offering 10% off any apparel and accessories and an additional 20% off any closeout training shoes to anyone that picks up their packet at this time.

Friday, May 5- Race Weekend

10:30am to 7:00pm

Kenosha Public Museum, 5500 1st Ave, Kenosha

Saturday, May 6- RACE DAY

5:15am to 6:50am

Celebration Park (Start/ Finish area), 1st Ave and 56th Street, Kenosha.

See the Packet Pick-up page for additional details.

Packet Mailing Note: If you selected to have your race packet mailed to you, it should have arrived by now. Please note, we are not able to mail out any additional race packets at this time.

Two weeks to go!

Do you know someone that still needs to sign up? Get them on board and tell them to register by Thursday to beat our final price increase.


Race Day Instructions

It's time to race! Be sure to know before you go and we'll all have a wonderful morning. Of course, you can always find all the race info at www.wisconsinmarathon.com.

Be sure to read all the information below!

Race Packets:

If you selected to have your packet mailed out to you, we have shipped those out and you should have received it by now.


  • Someone else can pick up your packet for you, yes.
  • If you plan on picking up your packet on race morning, be sure to allow for a little extra time, just so you are not rushing when you arrive.
  • If you would like a different shirt size from what you ordered, you may switch it out only if we have extra sizes available or after the race with whatever we have left from what was not picked up.

Be sure to wear your bib on your front and to not bend or crumple the timing chip.

Directions and Parking:

Make sure you know where you are going. Click here for directions to the downtown area. Please note, there is a lot of construction on Hwy 50. It should not be busy in the early morning, but still plan for additional time or an alternate route.

Make sure you know where to park. Click here for parking info.

All parking will be in the downtown area and is about a 10 minute walk to the start line. There is NO parking at the museum and there are no drop-offs. If you are being dropped off, it is best to be dropped before you get east of 6th Ave. The streets will probably be closed the closer you get to the race site anyway.

Gear Check:

Gear Check will be available near the start/ finish area. Look for the big flag. Please try to pin your Gear Check tag to your bag before dropping it off to speed up the process. Please do not check anything of high value or any extra large bags or suitcases. We are not responsible for any damaged or lost items.


Everyone loves to watch the race, and if you have someone that wants to cheer you on, come up with a plan beforehand. Some tips can be found here. Spectators can track their runner's progress using this link. It will show when they have crossed timing mats located on our course and the finish. (Marathon and Half marathon only for splits. 5k will show finish results.)

Also, we know some of you might have friends that want to run with you on parts of the course. While that is not ideal for us, we know it helps you. Please make sure they know to be mindful of the other paid, registered runners and to not impede their progress. Also, they should not take any water or supplies at aid stations as we have that allocated for our registered runners only and if they take from there, they are stealing materials from runners that are behind you. Thank them for their cooperation in this vital race aspect.

Please remember, bikes, strollers, dogs, and race bandits are not allowed on the course. 

Course Map:

If you haven't looked at it yet, be sure to check out our course map.

The marathon course is a double loop, meaning you will pass by the start/ finish line before you head to mile 14. Please watch for signs.

5k Runners: The 5k course is about 46 meters long. We don't want to rob you of your time, so we will have a 5k Split mat out at the correct distance to record your official 5k time. Please proceed to the common finish line from there. 

Reminder: The streets and aid stations operate on a rolling reopening based on a 15:00 per mile pace. Aid stations will pack up and course marshals/ police will open streets on a rolling schedule based on this timeline. In some cases, if you do not arrive at certain points within that timeframe, you may be moved to the sidewalk and aid stations may be taken down. If you feel you may not be able to maintain a 15:00 per mile pace and would like a couple extra minutes, we do have an early start at 6:50am for marathon participants only that expect to be over six hours. 

Warm ups:

If you need to warm up before the race and would like to do any strides, do not cross the timing mat before the start. With our early start option, if you do your stride over the mat, your chip will register and your time will start recording. So, do not run over the start line the opposite way before you start the race.


If you feel sick, please stay home!

Start Line Details:

Early Start: 6:50am (optional for marathon participants only expecting to be over 6:00)

Race Start- All distances: 7:00am

Your chip will register when you cross the timing mat. We have pacer teams with handheld signs which will help you find your proper pacing spot in the start area. Please line up according to pace. The pace groups leaders will lead marathon paces of every 15 minutes from 3:30 to 6:00. There will also be a sweeper who will pace out at 6:30 for the marathon, our official shut-off pace. 

  • For those using our early start option, please line up in our coned off area by 6:45am for your 6:50 start. We will line the main field up behind you for the common start. If you plan on using the early start option, please be on time as we will not allow early starters after the early start group begins, so that the main field has their space for their start. 

Aid Stations:

There will be aid stations at the following approximate mile marks:

1.3 (also aid station for 5k)






13.2 (Clif Shots will be available for marathoners here)







Each aid station will be stocked with Gatorade and water. Be sure to keep moving through the aid stations and be mindful of runners around you to help stop any traffic jams. Water and Gatorade will be handed out by volunteers and will be available on the tables to grab-and-go for those runners that have a preference.

Medical assistance will also be available at each aid station, should you need it.

Trash cans will also be at each aid station. Use them! We want to keep our cities free of trash. (Also, volunteers don't enjoy picking up gel packs, gross.)

Porto-potties will be located at each aid station. Please do not relieve yourself on the course or in someone's yard. That's gross and makes you a jerk.

Post Race:

After you cross the finish line, marathoners and half marathoners will be able to pick up our Big Cheese Medal. There are different medals for the marathon and half marathon so be sure you have the correct one before you walk away. 5k runners will receive a 5k Finisher ribbon.

The top three runners from each distance will be grabbed at the finish line, given their awards at that time, and have pictures taken. Top three overall male and female is determined by gun time. 

All runners can make their way to the food tent for snacks and water as they leave the finish line area. Runners over 21 can claim their post-race beer at the beer truck on-site using their BEER TICKET from their bib. 

After that, runners are invited to the Post Race Gathering at Public Craft Brewery, just a short walk away at 628 58th Street where they can claim their brat using their BRAT TICKET from their bib. After you get your brat, you are free to take off or stick around and enjoy the other items Public Craft Brewing has on their menu. 

Results and Photos:

Race results can be found HERE

Official race photos can be found HERE.

Photos are usually posted within a week of race day


We will have a limited amount of Wisconsin Marathon merchandise available at the Packet Pick-up on Friday or the main tent on race day. Cash or check only if you plan on purchasing any merchandise.


If you need a shower after the race, the Kenosha YMCA has allowed us to use their facilities. They are located at 7101 53rd Street, which is about three miles from the race site. You must bring own towel and show your ID and race bib for access. 

Doctor's Note

Dear Wisconsin Marathon/Half/5K Participants,

Welcome runners! We hope you will have a safe enjoyable race day

experience. We would like to provide few reminders to keep in mind in

preparation and during your race. Listen to your body. Do not continue

running with chest pain, severe shortness of breath, or other

symptoms that are not familiar to you. If you are ill on race day or a

few days prior to the race, your risk of injury increases and you should

consider withdrawing. Your health is important; there will always be

another race.

Dropping Out of the Race:

There are certified medical staff at every aid station, including the

finish line. Additionally, there are bicycle team medics who will be out

on course monitoring for any runners experiencing a medical issue.

-If you wish to drop out, but do not need medical assistance, please

notify your nearest bicycle medic (red vests) or proceed to the nearest

aid station. A cart to take you to the finish line area can be

communicated to your location.

-If you require non-emergent medical assistance, notify a bicycle

medic or nearest aid station.

-In the event of a more severe medical emergency aid stations and

bicycle medics have communication with EMS crews positioned on the

course for immediate assistance.

We seek to provide a safe and healthy environment for every athlete

to perform their best on race day.

In the event of a weather emergency, please pay attention to all

emergency support on course, seek immediate nearest shelter if

necessary. This includes, lightning, severe thunderstorms, or heat

conditions. Safety is always the first priority.

Plan for success! Have a fun, safe, and great race!



Dr. John Pick-Jacobs, DO

Wisconsin Marathon Medical Director

Volunteers Needed

We are getting closer to race day, so that means our volunteer recruitment is ramping up! Do you know someone that would like to help on race day? We can always use more enthusiastic volunteers and our course offers great opportunities for volunteers to see their favorite runner.

Sign up for a position today on our registration page.

All volunteers get a free Wisconsin Marathon cap!


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This email has been sent to all current and former participants of the Wisconsin Marathon. It is not a confirmation email for the 2023 race. Please see our website, www.wisconsinmarathon.com for registration details and confirmation links. If you have any questions, you can email Jonathan at wisconsinmarathon@gmail.com