"Oh the places you'll go..."
- Dr. Suess

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Yes, I enjoy packing

I've embarked on a new phase of my life:  empty nester.  This phase brings with it many new freedoms, one of which is the freedom to travel whenever I desire.

To that end, I'm planning  a year of exciting travel that include some trips closer to home and as far away as Africa. More to come about these exciting adventures (and packing tips) in future newsletters!

With all of this travel, I get to pack!  Yes, that's right, I GET to pack.  I love this challenge.  When I've never been to a location I love to research the local customs and weather in order to look like a local and not a tourist.  I enjoy it because it's also a way to look forward to the adventure ahead.

So, to that end, here are a few general packing tips that I always follow, no matter where I'm going.
Less stuff more fun.
 Think through the trip and take only what you need. Packing a core wardrobe (one color palate with an accent piece thrown in) will assure that you are not over packed.  Plus this gives you the freedom to bring home some treasures.
Love everything you take.
If you don't love it at home, then you won't love it on the trip.  And frankly, if you don't love it at home, then why is it in your closet?
Three pair of shoes maximum.
Wear the heaviest one, pack the other two. No exceptions.
Remember who you are.
Do you generally wear pants?  Then don't pack all dresses for the trip.  And vice versa. This is not the time to experiment.
Start packing a week in advance.
Lay everything out that you want to take and use the time before you leave to start weeding items out.  You can add or subtract based on the weather as you get closer to your departure date. Think of packing this way:  Do you wear three or four outfits a day now?  Probably not.  So you won't wear 3-4 outfits a day on your trip.

Ok, you are ready to go, as am I!  I hope that this next year finds you traveling or staying put, whatever your heart desires!


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