This form is for customers that would like to individually select flavors of Paczki on Fat Tuesday in the store. We are NOT accepting orders ahead of time for individual flavors this year. We are only taking orders for premixed dozens and half dozens and boxes containing 6 of the same flavor.

This form is only to help the line move faster as our store front is very small. Our staff will be able to serve you faster by filling your order this way.

Please print out, fill out and bring the completed above form to the bakery on MARCH 5th only. We will NOT accept this form ahead of time.Once in Line, your form will be collected and your paczki will be packed in the back. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE all of your flavors will be in stock at the moment you arrive...we will tell you if we are out of one of your requests.
We will be making them constantly throughout the day. We will have a GREAT selection before 10am....after 10am all bets are off. THERE ARE NO PROMISES THAT ALL FLAVORS WILL BE AVAILABLE ALL DAY. We do sell out after a certain point.