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Learn how our water infrastructure works to ensure high-quality, safe drinking water is delivered right to your tap every day.

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Board Votes to Return County Water Authority Rebate to Customers Through Future Rates
Padre Dam’s Board of Directors unanimously approved using the rebate received from the San Diego County Water Authority (CWA) to offset the District’s next pass‐through rate increase from CWA. This action will result in a direct benefit to customers by the reduction or potential elimination of a water pass-through increase in 2022.

CWA’s Board of Directors announced a plan on February 25, 2021 to distribute a $44.4M rebate, received from Metropolitan Water District (MWD), to its 24 member agencies. Padre Dam’s portion of the rebate is $1,157,552. The rebate was the result of a decade‐long rate case litigation. Since the rebate is related to prior water purchases, the funds may only be spent for water‐related purposes. Padre Dam considered various options for how to apply the District’s rebate before ultimately voting to offset the next CWA rate increase, which is expected in January 2022.

The District hopes to be able to offset the full pass‐through amount for 2022. CWA is working to confirm rates for 2022. Once these rates are finalized Padre Dam will be able to determine if the full pass‐through amount can be offset for 2022.
Water Smart Landscape Contest
Is your yard in full bloom? Show us! The WaterSmart Landscape Contest recognizes local water efficient landscapes. Enter by May 14 for the chance to win a gift card worth $250 and be recognized by our Board of Directors.

Applying is quick and easy, all you need is a few photos and your story. Click here for more information and to apply.

Clear Solution Video on Advanced Water Purification
Check out the new “Clear Solution” video and learn all about the important East County Advanced Water Purification Program.

The four-minute video shows how the Program will provide East County with up to 30% of its drinking water at a competitive rate compared to imported water and help control wastewater treatment costs!

When complete in 2025, the East County AWP Program will create a new, local, reliable and drought proof drinking water supply by recycling and reusing the region’s wastewater. Additionally, it will be one of the first potable reuse projects in the State of California to use the new reservoir augmentation regulations. The East County AWP is a collaborative partnership between Padre Dam Municipal Water District, Helix Water District, County of San Diego and the City of El Cajon.
Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2020
Explore Padre Dam’s Fiscal Year 2020 Annual Report to learn how the District rose to the challenges of COVID-19 while continuing to meet goals and achieve major milestones.

The Annual Report is a yearly update created for customers. Inside you will find:

  • Project Updates
  • District Financial Information
  • New Initiatives
  • COVID-19 Response
  • Annual District Accomplishments
  • Program Goal Progress and Statistics

Water is Life Student Poster Contest
Students have begun entering their artwork into Padre Dam's Water is Life Poster Contest. This contest gives K-12 kids the opportunity to show off their art skills while learning about water conservation and stewardship.

Winning entries will be selected and recognized by Padre Dam's Board of Directors, and could be printed in Metropolitan Water District's Water is Life Calendar. All students living or going to school in Padre Dam's service area are welcome to apply.

Padre Profile: Diane Johnson
If you walk into Padre Dam’s office on any given day, you might see a customer service representative talking to a customer on the phone or an engineer building plans on their computer. Outside it’s likely that a meter technician is tracking their work on a smartphone or a systems operator is communicating from the field via their laptop. No matter what the work is, almost all of it either takes place or is tracked on an electronic device.

Diane Johnson is one of Padre Dam’s Information Systems Technical Specialists and is responsible for the purchasing and setup of the District’s computers, phones and other tech hardware. She also manages the software used by Padre Dam staff. Not a single Padre Dam employee could complete their job without the technical support that she provides.

A year ago last March, when COVID-19 forced a portion of Padre Dam staff to begin temporarily working from home, Diane had to act fast. Almost overnight, District employees began turning to her for technical assistance so that they could transition to a remote working setup.

Diane found herself working overtime to update old training laptops, allowing staff to seamlessly transition to working from home. Her hard work and creativity not only helped to keep Padre Dam staff safe, but also helped the District avoid a potential loss of productivity.

“One of the best parts of my job is the opportunity to find creative solutions.” Diane said. “I spend a lot of my day solving problems, I love a challenge.”