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Five-Year Plan Accomplishments

Padre Dam's Five-Year Business Plan is a key planning document and roadmap for the District. Discover some of the top accomplishments achieved in Fiscal Year 2021 to bring us closer to the Plan's goals. View the video here.


East County AWP Virtual Tour

Join us for a Virtual Tour of the East County Advanced Water Purification Demonstration Facility. Participants will learn about this new source of water in East County and participate in a live, interactive program with videos, presentations and an opportunity for questions with East County AWP staff. Click here to sign-up for the tour.

Padre Profile: Eric Showalter

Eric Showalter became interested in working with the District's meters when the Advanced Metering Infrastructure System was implemented. He now leads a team that is responsible for the maintenance and reading of all 23,000 District meters. Learn more about Eric's career journey at Padre Dam and how he helps to provide clean, safe drinking water to customers. View the video here.


Drought and California's Water Supply

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Northern California and the Colorado River are experiencing severe dry conditions due to low snowpack, rainfall and reduced water levels at reservoirs and dams. Currently 50 out of 58 counties in California are part of an emergency drought declaration, however San Diego is not one of those counties. Fortunately, San Diego County has prepared for dry periods and currently has sufficient supplies that continue to meet all of our region's needs. 

​In July 2021 in response to drought conditions, Governor Newsom asked all Californians to reduce their water consumption by a voluntary 15 percent. Additionally, the Metropolitan Water District Board of Directors voted to move into a Condition 2 - Water Supply Alert in August, which calls upon Southern California residents to voluntarily conserve water. 

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The US Bureau of Reclamation issued the first "Level 1" shortage declaration for Lake Mead on the Colorado River on August 16, 2021, in response to low storage levels in the Colorado River system. This historic declaration triggers water cuts for Arizona, Nevada and Mexico beginning in October 2021. 

Padre Dam and the San Diego region are continuously working to further increase water supply reliability, diversity and efficiency. The East County Advanced Water Purification Program is our largest effort towards increasing reliability. This program will provide approximately 30 percent of East County’s water supply by 2025. This Program will enhance the San Diego Region’s water supply reliability and help ensure we can continue to have a sustainable water supply through future droughts.

Although the San Diego region has adequate water supplies, the worsening drought conditions around the State are a reminder to all to avoid wasting water and use all water wisely. Padre Dam customers qualify for water savings rebates and incentives for appliances, irrigation and landscaping. Water Efficient classes are also available to residential customers. Find out more about these programs here. 

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