We’re happy to introduce a new feature of Pain-2-Power—the Pain-2-Power Person of the Week. Every Monday’s blog will speak about one such individual who exemplifies the qualities of courage, endurance and truth. I hope that by highlighting these examples of refusing to live a fictional life, we all can dedicate ourSELVES to the same high standard. It isn’t easy. We "err and come up short, again and again,” to paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt. But inspiration helps. Onward...

-Dr. Keith Ablow

Michael van der Veen is an attorney with brains and 
guts who successfully represented President Trump in his recent Senate trial 
and who has represented those who sued the Trump Administration, too.
His client: The Truth.

Hunter Biden has faced lots of demons. Some people hide them and never speak about them. That ends up keeping them on the run from them. Mr. Biden has, instead, taken the Pain-2-Power pathway: In his upcoming book, he faces them and shares them—honestly and, even, heroically. 

Selina Soule deserves to be recognized as a Pain-2-Power Person of the Week because she is willing to stand up for her beliefs and fight for the truth against those who would destroy others for doing so.
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