We have a habit of thinking we arrive in our current relationships as blank slates—unencumbered by the past. There’s great hope in feeling new while a new romantic relationship takes flight, or you become a new parent or you take on a new leadership position at a new company.  The truth, however, is that every “new” relationship has roots that reach far back in the life story of each of the people involved. Understanding how those roots have shaped your interpersonal patterns is critical to tapping into the best of them, while not remaining hostage to the worst of them. We can be renewed only to the extent we recognize our unconscious tethers to the past and release ourselves.
Pain-2-Power is all about optimizing yourSELF by reclaiming your voice, your gifts and your goals. That includes reclaiming the richness and beauty due you in relationships. And that’s why I’ve written the three e-books featured in this newsletter. I hope you’ll use them to shed any longstanding, suboptimal patterns of thought or behavior and become . . . well, YOU. 
~ Dr. Keith Ablow
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