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September Events
Sept. 7th-10th PAINWeek  in Las Vegas

Sept. 9th: Chronic Pain Support Group Meeting with Guest Speaker Felice Freyer, Boston Globe Health Science Writer from 11am - 12:30pm.   More Details

Sept. 10thSuicide Prevention Fundraiser from  7-10 PM 
Location: 1320 27th street, Suite C, Denver, CO

Sept. 11th: Stanford Back Pain Education Day
CEMEX Auditorium, Palo Alto, Ca
Free Live Streaming! More Info Here

Sept. 10th-11th: U.S. Pain table at Walmart Store #3476 from  1-3 PM 
Location: 39500 Ford Road in Canton, MI from  1-3 PM

Sept. 12th: U.S. Pain National Director of Policy and Advocacy, Cindy Steinberg, will be speaking at the University of New England on "The Role of Advocacy and Policy in Pain Management" from 12-1:30pm, Biddeford, ME

Sept. 12th: Senior Day Expo, featuring U.S. Pain Foundation booth. 
Location: Canton Township Library 
1200 S. Canton Center Rd., Canton, MI 48188

September 16th-18thBoston Abilities Expo at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Hall C

Sept. 16th-18thVET Mindfulness-based Wilderness Retreat at Healing Season Farms 
Location: plains of Southpark/Lake George, CO on Sulphur Mountain Road

Sept. 17th: Rhode Island Pain Awareness Event from  2-4 PM at the Johnston Senior Center 
Location: 1291 Hartford Ave., Johnston, RI

Sept. 17th: Arlington Town Day & Community Fair, U.S. Pain Booth, Arlington, MA from  10 AM-3 PM

Sept. 23rd: U.S. Pain National Director of Policy and Advocacy, Cindy Steinberg, speaking at the Academy of Integrative Pain Management Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX

Sept. 23rd-24th: The Academy of Integrative Pain Management 2016 Annual Clinic Meeting at the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort & Spa 
Location: 23808 Resort Parkway
Keep up to date with everything going on this month on our website dedicated to Pain Awareness Month  HERE! We also have an Instagram account specifically for Pain Awareness Month, you can visit @USPainAwarenessM

People with Pain Matter is a national campaign and online community dedicated to raising public awareness of the impact of chronic pain on 100 million Americans. 

By working with healthcare providers, policymakers, candidates and the media, People with Pain Matter seeks to advance policies and drive a national dialogue about the need for a national investment in effective, long-term pain management therapies. 

People with pain matter. 

Get Involved: PeopleWithPainMatter.org


Getting to Know The U.S. Pain Team

Who makes up U.S. Pain Team? People living with pain, just like you! Get to know more about them this month through the videos we will be posting! 

Check out the first two videos by clicking the links below: 

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Happy Pain Awareness Month! 
September 8, 2016
Dear Members and Fellow Pain Warriors,
The first week of Pain Awareness Month has passed, and it has not disappointed. We are proud of all that has been accomplished over the past seven days, including the launch of several new initiatives to help people living with chronic pain. Now that Congress is back in session, it is time to take a look at our People With Pain Matter website.

We are continuing to encourage pain warriors to participate in any way they can this month, whether you sign the Pain Awareness Month pledge or join our 30-day Challenge of Empowerment, the more individuals participating, the greater recognition pain warriors will receive. 

This September, we want the entire nation to know the bravery and strength of pain warriors, as we know it is not always easy. We are proud of each and every one of you for your ability and courage day in and day out. U.S. Pain will continue fighting along side of you throughout your journey, and continue advocating for your rights. 

Wishing you all a low-pain and high-spirits day,
Paul Gileno
            Founder & President, U.S. Pain Foundation
 What People with Chronic Pain Want You To Learn This September

The U.S. Pain Foundation teamed up with The Mighty to speak to chronic pain patients to hear what they want the world to know during Pain Awareness Month. Here are seventeen things that chronic pain patients want the the world to know!

Take The Pain Awareness Month Pledge

The Pain Awareness Month Pledge is a way to unite pain warriors, caregivers, healthcare professionals, lawmakers, and others in the form of an online promise. 

We hope that you will join us in our effort to eliminate the discrimination and stigmas within society when it comes to invisible illnesses. 

Last year, 895 individuals signed the pledge. We are pleased to announce that after the first week of Pain Awareness Month, we have had 635 individuals sign the pledge! Let's complete that goal of surpassing last year's total signatures and continue to acknowledge and share the pledge over the next three weeks! Thank you for your support thus far! 

Pain Awareness Month Proclamations

State Proclamations have been an ongoing initiative of U.S. Pain Foundation's Pain Awareness Month campaign. Feeling it was important to call upon key lawm akers to stand with their constituents during September, the U.S.  Pain Foundation PAM Proclamation notes the number of Americans riddled with chronic pain, the cost the nation incurs as the result of chronic
pain, and how increased
awareness about the  effects of chronic pain can result i n better outcomes.

We are proud to announce that thus far  12 states and 10 cities/towns have declared September Pain Awareness Month. There is still time to request your community's support, t o receive the proclamation template in order to submit to your town or city, please email:   
Real Hope, Real Heroes

Don't forget that The 2nd Annual Real Hope, Real Heroes Gala is quickly approaching! Register today, and share information with those you know who may want to attend. The evening will be honoring the kids and veterans who participated in the 2016 INvisible Project. For More Information: RHRH.eventbrite.com


 Pain Warrior Pride 

The U.S. Pain Foundation is proud of Ambassadors and Advocates showing off their pride this month by decorating specified areas in their towns. They are showing towns throughout the nation the bravery and strength of pain warriors! 
Be Brave

Bravelets is working with the U.S. Pain Foundation to raise awareness for chronic pain by donating $10 from your purchase directly to the foundation. For an additional 20% off your purchase, use the code: BRAVE20

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