Pain management specialists choose Seaside for RFA

Pain management services at Seaside Surgery Center continue to grow at a steady rate, as more physicians become familiar with our top-of-the-line facility, convenient location and fabulous staff. 

Seaside recently invested in a  G4  four-electrode radio frequency generator unit from Cosman Medical to be used in radio frequency ablation (or RFA). The G4 is "the most advanced RF generator ever built," according to Cosman Medical's website. This version "has been  updated with superior control options, troubleshooting features, and advanced settings to make RF procedures faster and easier."

Here Dr. Paul Beebe explains RFA: " Radio frequency ablation (RFA) is a specific treatment modality for certain chronic pain conditions that provides long-term relief without the use of narcotic medications. Patients undergoing this procedure have responded favorably to diagnostic injections at the site of the painful condition. This outpatient procedure is usually performed in under an hour with only the use of local anesthetic and radiologic guidance, but can provide 6 months or more of significant pain relief. Once completed, the person can resume normal activities that same day.   There are several conditions treated with this procedure. Most commonly low back pain, neck pain, or thoracic pain are addressed, but peripheral nerve pains may also be amenable to this treatment.

Dr. Paul Beebe
"The staff at Seaside have significant training in the use of this equipment. They provide a professional and pleasant experience to those that are suffering from daily, constant, chronic pain."

In addition to being board-certified in anesthesia by the American Board of Anesthesia and board-certified in interventional pain management, Dr. Beebe has been mentored by some of the country's best interventional pain physicians. He trained at one of the top interventional pain fellowships in the country, Rush University in Chicago.

About Seaside, Dr. Beebe says, "Every time I enter Seaside Surgery to provide care, I feel that I am privileged. Each individual staff member could not be more compassionate. They make each patient feel like they are a part of family. Although they are busy at the center, they are active in the community and well respected in their particular medical fields."

Dr. Luga Podesta
Dr. Luga Podesta of Bluetail Medical Group has also recently utilized Seaside to perform RFA. From his online bio:  "Dr. Podesta is a nationally recognized sports medicine physician specializing in the non-surgical treatment of orthopedic, musculoskeletal and sports-related injuries to the  shoulder elbow knee , and  spine , and brings with him a wealth of experience on and off the field." 

Seaside is pleased to welcome both of these pain management experts to our facility.

Knee patient on solid ground
"Donna is progressing very well with her knee surgery thanks to a group of  very professional people. We were visited today by a therapist and a nurse, and will continue for 2 additional days. Terrific service to say the least.

"Medical treatment in the U.S. is certainly on solid ground."

-Bill Gerlach

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