Painted Door gift boutique
April 17, 2017
Vol. 6, Issue 15
Smile it's Spring!
Zoo & Train Set in a Tin
The Very Brave Lion
Mattie's Twirly Whirly Tail
If I were a zebra
Painted Door git cards
~ The Perfect Gift ~
Painted Door Gift Card
and we wrap it beautifully ~ 
so it really is just like a gift!

Always Complimentary Gift Wrap!
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Cedar Spring Farms Tomatoes
Cedar Spring Farms' Tomatoes... For Sale in Painted Door! 

Available for purchase by the pound or case

Old World Little Elephant
featuring this week's
Old World Christmas
Little Elephant
Elephants have long been symbols of strength, fidelity, wisdom, protection, and prosperity.  In many cultures they are considered sacred animals.  When shown with their trunks up, elephants are believed to bring good luck, and even to be the granters of wishes.

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