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August 7, 2017
Vol. 6, Issue 33
Dog Days of Summer
This Old Hound Dog is hanging around your desk to remind you it is time to go hunting!
Hunting Dog with Watch  
This Pretty Green Bulldog with her studded collar is the perfect addition to any home or office. 
She has a flat surface on her back to stack your books or display your decorative objects. Her head can swivel depending on her mood.
Green Bulldog Shelf
Adopt these precious bags and pouches!
Beauty Bag & Pouches
Your little one will fall in love with this well dressed pup.
This Puppy Throw is soft, snuggly and child-sized.
Puppy Throw
Wooden Sign
Wooden Sign - Saving One Dog
Unique  Books
Thanks for Picking Up My Poop
Little Puppy Puppet Book
Jellycat - If I were a Dog
Who doesn't love a sweet, soft puppy... especially when you could take it anywhere you go. 
The stuffed animal can be removed from the backpack which has a zippered pocket for storing small toys or goodies.
Brown Puppy Rolling Backpack
Roll or carry as a backpack
Brown Puppy Backpack
Carry as a backpack
featuring this week's
Old World Christmas
Toy Coil Dog
Toy Coil Dog, a small plastic dog whose front and rear ends were joined by a metal coil toy, debuted in 1952. This adorable toy has been drug around countless floors, creating cherished memories for kids and their families. Cherish those sweet memories each year with this ornament.
Old World Toy Coil Dog
Sitting Golden
Golden Retrievers are lovable and intelligent dogs with lots of charm. They are great sport dogs or guide dogs due to their patience, obedience, and willingness to learn. Golden Retrievers are gentle, loyal and fun-loving, which makes them great family pets.
Old World Sitting Golden
Dachshunds, also known as wiener dogs due to their long build and short legs, were bred for below ground work. They are affectionate, clever and courageous with a lively disposition. The Dachshund embodies power in a small package.
Old World Dachshund
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