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January 23, 2020
Vol. 9, Issue 4
"Feeding" Your Puppet
The only feeding your puppet requires is lots of love and snuggly fun!
Mini River Otter Puppet
River Otter Puppet
Gray Wolf Puppet
Labradoodle Puppet
African Lion Cub Puppet
Folkmanis - Goat Puppet
Polar Bear Cub Puppet
Sheepdog Puppet
Folkmanis-Pelican Puppet Folkmanis - Longwool Sheep Puppet
Folkmanis - Elephant Puppet Baby Emperor Penguin Puppet
Mini Duckling Finger Puppet Harbor Seal Puppet
Hot Dog Puppet
Folkmanis - Winged Mini Piglet Puppet
Baby Chimpanzee Puppet Folkmanis-Grunting Pig Puppet
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