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March 19, 2020
Vol. 9, Issue 12
Adorable Book Collection
Yellow Kayak
You just never know what a new day will hold if you are brave enough to find out. On one quiet afternoon, a boy and his special friend's unexpected adventure bring joy and excitement and sights never imagined. And the best part of any adventure is returning home with stories to tell and you best friend at your side.

Jellycat Swellegant Gina Giraffe
Yellow Kayak
Rabbit has never had a wish before but one day he gets not one, but three! He asks his friends what they would do if they had a wish and, being selfless and kind, Rabbit grants all three wishes to his friends.They are so grateful for his kindness and genorisity they share their wishes with him.
Wish Jellycat Smudge Rabbit
Tea Set
The Man Made of Stars
This is the story of one curious child who, determined to come up with an answer to this mystery, discovers something incredible about himself. It is a reminder that small acts have great consequences, and that there is always room for more light in the world.
The Man Made of Stars Jellycat Swellegant Kitty Cat
Olivia Saves the Circus
She's back...from vacation, that is! After Olivia has eaten a nice breakfast, done her sit-ups, push-ups, and touched her toes, she's ready to head back to school. When it's Olivia's turn to tell the class about her vacation, she describes how she single-handedly saved the circus. With all the performers out sick with ear infections, Olivia leaps into the ring because, after all, the show must go on.
Clown Brother Mouse in Suitcase Olivia Saves the Circus
You are the only you there ever has been or ever will be. You are unique in all the universe. Just the odds of you being here at this exact place and this exact time are so great and so rare that it will never happen again.
Maybe Jellycat Squiggle Piglet
If I had a little dream
Celebrate the wonder of the world in this reassuring picture book about the joy, love, and beauty that is part of each and every day. Our world is full of possibilities if you look for them.
Jellycat Jolie Fawn If I had a little dream
Tea Set
Bear Wants to Fly
Bear Wants to Fly is an emotional tale about the benefits of working as a team, and the importance of fighting for your dreams, however impossible they may seem.
Bear Wants to Fly Toothpick Bear
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