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November 27, 2017
Vol. 6, Issue 50
Painted Door Christmas Soiree
We will be giving away a $50 gift card at Our Christmas Soiree on Thursday, Nov. 30. Make your reservation today!
Painted Door Gift Card
Savory Saltines Savory Saltines Savory Saltine Seasoning
Tonia & Avis at Market!
Two Sisters  
Two Sisters - Sassy Green Sauce
Two Sisters - Hot & Sassy Pretzel
Two Sisters - Curried Away Coconut Chicken

Two Sisters with Tonia & Avis at Market!
Please make your reservation today to join us for a Christmas Soiree on Thursday, Nov. 30, from 7-9pm. will be entered into a drawing to win this beautiful Old World Christmas Ornament gift basket!
Featuring a few of our favorite
These would be amazing personalized!
Old World - Dog Bowl Old World - Dog Bowl
Dog Bowl
Dogs selflessly give humans their unconditional love and loyalty. Throughout history, dogs have been faithful friends and workmates, even giving their lives to protect or rescue their owners. No wonder dogs are considered man s best friend. Show love for your four-legged friend with the dog bowl ornament.
Old World - Flask Old World - Flask
Sparked out of the innovation necessitated during prohibition, a flask carries small amounts of liquor and is typically curved to comfortably and indiscreetly fit into a pocket or at the hip. This ornament is great for personalization too!
Old World - Coach's Whistle Old World - Coach's Whistle
Coach's Whistle
A coach s influence does not stop when the game ends. Coaches shape character and integrity for life by teaching athletes how to manage emotions, perseverance, resilience and conquering fears. The Coach s Whistle ornament makes a great gift for coaches, athletes and sports fans.
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Painted Door Gift Wrap
Don't Forget the Christmas Tree
Perfect Gift...
a Painted Door Gift Card
beautifully wrapped!!!
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