Painting Burgundy & Blue Demo Part Six, Sign It, Slick It & Sell It!

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The painting is done! And finally, I paint the canvas sides with a grey acrylic. I prefer to make my own - a mixture of black gesso and white gesso. 

Using a flat brush and working from the back side of the canvas, gently brush on the grey color, using just enough on the brush as to not flow over onto the front of the painting. If it does, just wipe off the excess while it is still wet. This should result in a clean front edge all around, with a neat grey (your choice) color.

Next, sign the painting with an oil-based pen such as a Sharpie ® Paint Pen or a Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen. These work for me and are not your only choices for signing, however. 

When everything is completely dried, usually the next day - I apply a protective coat of acrylic varnish with a wide, soft brush. Brush the varnish on the painting surface in one direction only. Back and forth brush strokes tend to dry milky. Apply the varnish slowly and in direction for a clean, professional, museum-ready appearance! 

Keep your brushes wet!

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"Painting Burgundy & Blue
Demo Part Six
Sign It, Slick It & Sell It" video.

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