Painting the Figure in the Interior Workshop
The Interior.
Why do I choose to paint the interior? The calm. The quiet. The possibility. Every interior, when devoid of figures, tells a certain kind of story:  Something has either just happened, or is about to happen here. The past and the future simultaneously coexist. The painting of the interior is a still-life into which we can immerse ourselves. Where the imagination and memories are turned on, and new dreams begin.
The Figure in The Interior.
A figure is placed in the interior, and suddenly there is a big change. Namely: time. Now we are not witnessing what just did or has yet to happen. Now we are witnessing the present. At this moment, this person is doing this thing in this space. Building a boat. Painting a picture. Standing. I find the figure in the interior the most engaging subject of all. When painting the landscape, I am excited. Still-life; calm. But the figure in the interior? Engaged. Here is a person with whom now I, the painter, can interact. And later the viewer of the painting will do the same. We all- painter, model, and viewer- become engaged in the unspoken conversation about what is happening "now."
I invite you to join me in this intense 3/6 day oil painting workshop, "Painting the Figure in the Interior." We will depict first the interior (Days 1-3), and then the addition of the figure (days 4-6). The focus of the workshop will be the development of an idea- by doing several small studies in various media (pencil, charcoal, oil), and one larger "finished piece," we'll explore how best to create a certain mood- each painter's individual take on the theme. We'll of course cover technical aspects of working in these various media, including panel and paper preparation, oil painting medium, color mixing, paint application, and strong pictorial composition. But the heart of this course will be on the expression of a subjective idea- a particular mood or feeling that can be best evoked in paint, where words and photographs would most certainly not suffice. For this, there is no "How To...," there is only the effort; each student's personal willingness and determination to create a work of art.

~ Tim McGuire
Painting the Figure in the Interior
with Tim McGuire

December 4th - 9th full course
6 days | 10am - 3pm

Part I:  3 days of Interior only
Part II: 3 days with Figure model

Register for all 6 days and utilize this as an opportunity to get two workshops in one, or register for one part only. Pre-registration is required and space is limited to 8 seats!

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