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April Newsletter 
During the month of April many friends and families came together for all kinds of lovely occasions. Whether you gather around the dinner table for Passover, spend Easter Sunday with your family, or celebrate a couples' imminent union with future wedding guests, it's always important to spent time with the people that mean the most to you.


Modern Medieval Engagement 
Unlike any ordinary engagement, our clients decided to taking the classic medieval theme and giving it a modern twist. Our ecstatic couple enjoyed an eventful night with 600+ guests as they danced the night away. The cocktail area was carpeted and furnished with lavish tufted charcoal sofas and serpentine bars. The guests were also able to enjoy hors d'oeuvres that were displayed on wooden carts that gave an additional medieval look. The inside of the tent had full swaging with charcoal fabric and deep red drapery. At the center of the tent was our unique, charcoal colored, glossy seamless dance floor that had velvet tufted sofas and benches placed around it. On both sides of the dance floor there were round bars that are embellished with spiral moldings. The guests were seated on elegant, mahogany chiavari chairs around tables with charcoal and brown brocade fine velvet linens. The center pieces at each table and all other floral designs were done by Empty Vase Florist. At the far end of the tent there was a beautiful wall of fire that was light with hundreds of candles. Placed in front of the wall of fire was the velvet sushi bar that was also embellished with spiral moldings. Every single element of this event came together perfectly to create an spectacular night filled with love and memorable moments.


Rental of the Month
The rental of the month is our crystal ball chandelier. This gorgeous chandelier has cascading crystal balls that makes it so unique. Each individual crystal ball sparkles creating an amazing shine in the center of your breathe taking tent. Everyone strives to have a glamourous event and with this chandelier not only will you have an amazing event, but your guests will be speechless.

Hi everyone, 
Here at Palace Party Rental we hope that you've been enjoying what the year of 2012 has offered to you thus far. Every month brings along a joyous holiday, occasionally a new season, and/or new reasons to celebrate with loved one. We're always thinking of new, fun and creative ways to make your events bigger and better. Make sure you stay connected with Palace Party Rental by checking our website or calling us today.

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