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November 21, 2019 Edition - The News Palm Beachers Need to Know
Civic Association Executive Committee
Kicks off
Packed and Promising New Season

Bob Wright, Chairman and CEO
Palm Beach Civic Association

The November Executive Committee meeting consisted of a full two hours of important Civic Association matters including budget, membership, reports from the Communications Team, The Public Safety Committee lead by Dave Duffy, the Strategic Planning Forum lead by Harvey L. Poppel, President Mary Robosson's overview of the organization, and much more.

The 'much more' came in the form of the appointment of a new member to the Executive Committee, Keith Beaty. Chairman Bob Wright remarked about Beaty's strong engineering background and his work on several Town committees including Shore Protection, as strong reasons for the committee to approved his nomination as the newest member to the Executive Committee. His nomination passed unanimously.

We caught up with Bob Wright right after the meeting to get his thoughts about the busy Season in front of us.

Party at the Zoo

Animals On Their Best Behavior
As Directors Gathered to Celebrate
Hildegarde Mahoney and Bob Nederlander

The occasion was our Directors Dinner. The place - The Palm Beach Zoo. The amusing start of the event? Every guest had to make his or her way down a tree lined walkway carrying an umbrella. Why? To guard against possible droppings from the many ibis birds living in the trees along the path.

It was just one of the many distinctive features of an event held at the Palm Beach Zoo and sponsored by Palm Beach Island Hospice Foundation. It was a beautiful evening of cocktails outdoors, followed by memorable speeches by Chairman and CEO Bob Wright, President Mary Robosson, PBCA Director and Hospice Board Chair Mark Cook. Zoo Board Chair and PBCA Executive Committee member Michele Kessler introduced the evening's keynote speaker, Palm Beach Zoo President and CEO, Margo McKnight.

Creative Networking Amidst the Art
for Young Professionals at
Adelson Cavalier Gallery
Ron Cavalier, Mary Robosson, Adam Adelson
at Adelson Cavalier Gallery

The Adelson Cavalier Gallery was packed Friday, November 15, as the Young Professionals mixed and mingled with Directors and members of the Palm Beach Civic Association.

Amidst the art on the walls, and statues on the floor, Councilwoman Maggie Zeidman, Civic Association Directors Skip Aldridge, Ed Carter and John David Corey, and President Mary Robosson were among the guests enjoying the gathering.

The event marked the kick off of the Civic Association's new initiative to inspire community involvement and encourage the "next generation" of civic responsibility.

Mary Robosson called the night an extraordinary success: "On behalf of the Palm Beach Civic Association we are thrilled to see the outreach and support from our Young Professionals event. We also want to thank Adelson Cavalier Gallery for playing an important role, as a corporate member and as host to the Civic Association."

Iconic Palms Taking Root
Thanks to PBCA's 75 Palms Campaign
The planting of the healthy looking palms started along Brazilian Avenue, moved to Australian, and on to Chilean... all part of the Civic Association's '75 Palms for Palm Beach' campaign gift to the Town of Palm Beach.

Known as the island's namesake, the Coconut Palms were gifted to the Town in honor of the Civic Association's 75th anniversary. Though the gift was made last spring, details involving Town Council approval of a landscape company to plant the trees had to be addressed first.

So now, in November, we are seeing the palms make their way into the ground, creating a fresh tree lined appearance to areas where existing trees were older, or needed to be replaced.

Civic Association Beautification Committee Chairman John David Corey says the palms are magnificent!

More than 300 people, many veterans, listened as a naval intelligence officer, a Korean War veteran, an Iraq War combat veteran, a veteran of Viet Nam and a Marine veteran of the Beirut bombing, discussed the importance of letters and care packages from home.

Thousands of U.S service people are deployed all over the world. The five panelists underscored how connections to home sustained them during periods of loneliness and stress under fire.

‘Forgotten Soldiers Outreach' has been reaching out to and affecting the lives of the deployed since 9/11.
Palm Beach Police Want Your Help
Say No to Open Carry
The following is a direct plea to the public from the Palm Beach Police Department:

The Palm Beach Police Department would like to thank the community for supporting (SB) 634. The Department urges the community to continue to support this Amendment, which will prohibit openly carrying firearms in any area within 1500 feet from any school, house of worship, government building, or guarded beach. 

As a reminder, our (PBPD) intention is not to infringe on the lawful rights of gun owners. We are solely asking gun owners to be responsible and not openly carry in those areas.

It is crucial for our concerned citizens to contact at least one of the State Senators on each subcommittee to express support for (SB) 634. Once the House Bill is finalized we will have more information.

Nicholas Caristo, Chief of Police
Town of Palm Beach Police Department

State Senator Subcommittee Contact Link:
Proactive Financing
Saves Town Taxpayers Millions
Town Council Meeting 4-4-2019
Interest rates are near record low, and Town Council members think now may be the time to take full advantage.

At the Tuesday, November 12 Town Council meeting, members voted unanimously to go forward with an Advanced Refunding of the Town’s Public Improvement Revenue Bonds, Series 2013.

Council authorized Jay Glover, with PFM Financial Advisors, to put the bonds up for sale, allowing the sale to go forward only if an 8% savings to the Town, can be achieved.

Debate in Council Chambers centered around whether the time to take advantage of today’s lower interest rates was now, or whether they might go lower. With an election coming, trade tension with China and other factors, Council members agreed they could not accurately predict how interest rates might go, and that destabilizing factors could even move them higher.

When and if the sale goes through, and Jay Glover was optimistic it would, the Town will save about $198,000 annually through 2048, or $3.46 million.

Worth Avenue Parking Chaos
Council Debates Meters
Worth Ave Traffic
You could practically hear the horns honking and see the headlights flashing on Worth Avenue, all part of the usual chaos and competition for the coveted few free parking spots, as Town Council members wrestled with whether to charge $4 an hour, to solve the problem.

Residents, shopkeepers, and parking lot owners all came to the Town Council microphone to express what was largely opposition to the proposal to install metered parking along the exclusive, iconic shopping strip.

Council members seemed unified in acknowledging that the reason the street's parking spots are so jammed, is because shop employees tend to pull in early and stay all day. So discussion turned to ways merchants could find off street parking for their employees,

Everything from going to all valet parking, to shop keepers paying for garage parking for their staffs, were options tossed around to address the problem. Town Council members agreed it would be best to study the parking issues more closely and address a possible solution after the first of the year. Stay tuned!

'Mr. Sandman'
Earns Town Employee of the Month
They jokingly refer to him as 'Mr. Sandman' for his role as Town of Palm Beach Coastal Protection Coordinator. But his most recent moniker is 'Town Employee of the Month."

He's Rob Weber, an 11 year veteran of the Town of Palm Beach Public Works Department. His most recent achievement; playing a pivotal role in securing a $3.1 million dollar grant from the Florida Inlet Navigation District, to cover costs of the new, state of the art Town Marina.

Mr. Weber, AKA Sandman, was presented the Employee of the Month award at the November 14th Chamber of Commerce breakfast. Palm Beach Civic Association President Mary Robosson represented PBCA at the monthly breakfast gathering.
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