See you at Worship on the Beach in 4 Weeks!
Two Traditional Easter
Sunday Services
9:00 & 11:00 am
"It Just Doesn't Matter!"
Dr. Thomas Dickelman, preaching
Music by Master Mandolinists
Don Stiernberg & Don Julin
Lily Reid Holt Chapel
(meditation will be led by Zach at 10:00 am
young child care available 9:00 am to noon)
Thanks to Dr. Matt Dewar for Leading Our 2019
Spring Retreat "What's Your Story?"
The feedback of one participant seemed to summarize the entire retreat when she said "All I want to know is - when can we do this again?" It was fantastic! Thanks to Matt for outstanding leadership, and to Zach for coordinating the event.
Thanks as Well to Guest Speaker Allyn Stewart at
the 2019 Community Church Women's Dinner
Allyn endured a horrific travel day during last week's Palm Sunday snow to make it for Monday's event. It was the best-attended Women's Dinner ever, as Allyn shared poignant insights from her life as a producer of films such as "Sully". Thanks to many - in particular Elinor Jannotta for arrangements & hosting Allyn, and to Molly Flavin for beautiful table decorations. Thanks as well to the men of the church who cooked and hosted the event! We're looking forward to next year! Let us know your ideas for potential speakers...
Last Sunday while listening to Ken Hall, Bob Hasty and Christina Trulio (above) offering inspiring and beautiful music during our Palm Sunday service, I could not help but reflect on how blessed we are to have the musical program we do. Two weeks ago the Grateful Dead Service. Last week, more traditional music from Ken, Bob and Christina. Next week for Easter, two of the finest mandolin players - quite literally in the world - are Don Julin and Don Stiernberg. How blessed are we to have:
(1) Ken Hall continually providing us with outstanding musicians,
(2) the fine acoustics and ambience of Lily Reid Holt Chapel, and
(3) an open-minded church family that respects and appreciates the myriad of ways music can speak to us spiritually... - TD
The Community Church
Babbling Bohemian Podcast is live! Here's how to check it out...

To access Babbling Bohemian 
  1. go to the Community Church website HERE
  2. click on PODCAST
  3. select an interview OR download the application Podcasts (purple icon) and search for Babbling Bohemian.
  4. The very best way to listen to Babbling Bohemian is on a smart phone that links with your car’s audio and can go with you wherever you go! t

Remember to check it out - new podcast are now available!
Lake Forest College is having an Easter Day Celebration in the quad behind the Chapel that will include games, face painting, food, and all sorts of fun for the whole family. It'll all happen after church gets out. Why not check it out?
check out the film trailer - click here
(granddaughter Evy with her beloved Grandpa "Bebop")

Hi Folks,

Friday & Saturday: If you like hanging with musicians then head on over to Cellargate in Highwood. It’s the final weekend before this eclectic little wine bar closes its doors and our own Phil Goldman has gathered fantastic musicians from all over the North Shore to come do a short set of music. Owner, Kayla was a great supporter of live music and will truly be missed! Also on Friday night and for the late night jazz lovers Soul Message Band will be playing at Big Ed’s Barbecue in Waukegan starting at 9 pm.

Sunday: Two of the best mandolin players in the world Don Julin & Don Stiernberg will join us at both services! The back up band includes Elliott Delman, Fred Koch, Alex Zeravica & yours truly. We’ll be performing original and traditional music covering genres from tango to bluegrass.

Mark Your Calendars

April 26: Suede & Lynette live at Little Tails Bar & Grill in Lake Forest 8 pm.

May 3: Elliott Delman live at Little Tails Bar & Grill in Lake Forest 8 pm.

May 10: Suede & Friends live at Little Tails Bar & Grill in Lake Forest 8 pm.

May 17: Terry Moran live at Little Tails Bar & Grill in Lake Forest 8 pm

May 31: Suede & Lynette live at Little Tails Bar & Grill in Lake Forest 8 pm

June 30: Foodstock on the Village Green in Lake Bluff starting at 4 pm.

September 21st and 22nd: Arts for Alzheimer’s at Barbara’s Bookstore in Vernon Hills

TBD Beef4Hunger benefit in downtown Lake Bluff

See you soon!

So, here's double great news! First, Worship on the Beach each Sunday @ 8:30 & 9:30 am begins 4 weeks from this Sunday! By the way, if this picture looks familiar, it's because the Lake Forest & Lake Bluff Chamber of Commerce's 2019 Community Guide - delivered to all homes and businesses in LF & LB - features artist Mark McMahon's painting of last year's Worship on the Beach picnic.
Don't Forget - Easter Worship at 9:00 & 11:00 am at the College!