A joyous celebration of Jesus triumphant entry to Jerusalem. We join the crowds waving palms and shouting "Hosanna!" 

We will Start our worship at 10:15AM outside of the preschool playground. We will hear the Passion story, sing All Glory Loud and Honor and process together to the sanctuary following the Cross. 

Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week. 

Mission Council invites you to join us at 9 am in the Fellowship Hall for a potluck breakfast celebrating the Easter Sunday. Eggs, bacon, coffee and tea will be provided and we welcome your favorite dishes to enrich the meal. Please consider bringing fruit, scones, biscuits, veggies, quiche, sweets, juice to share. Food items can be delivered to the Fellowship Hall prior to the meal.


5:30PM Soup Supper 
6:00PM Worship

We continue our Lenten journey together with the beautiful liturgy of the Holden Evening Service. Come to sing and pray together or just enjoy a time of fellowship before service.


It's that time of year again! We're asking for $15 donations for the display of lilies, that will adorn our sanctuary on Easter Sunday (April 21). 
The sign up is on the office bulletin board. Checks should be made out St. Mark Lutheran Church with the memo line: FLOWERS.
The deadline for donations is April 14.
  • Bring candy to the office
  • come to help stuff the eggs
  • invite the kids you know (no age limit)
  • send pictures of egg hunt to our office

Please join us in the church library each Monday during Lent 
April 15
From noon-1:15 
Our discussion is based on the book  Lasting Hope: Devotions for Lent 2019: Pocket Edition. Each day during Lent this book can serve as your personal devotional guide and then weekly we will gather to share our insights and pray together. We will read the book of Psalms that gives us "a realistic look at the journey of faith for individuals and a community." 

April is hunger awareness month  for St. Mark Social Ministry. One in six children go hungry on a regular basis in the U.S. and there are both hunger and homelessness in our community. 

Lent is an appropriate time to do our part to help our hungry neighbors. 

First, we have plenty of nicely branded cloth bags you can take and use to fill with canned goods and other non-perishable foods, bring them back to St. Mark and put them in the corner with food donations, empty the bag (or take a new one). 

You can bring in food multiple times in April; please try to bring in something on April 25th (the Sunday after Easter). 

If you'd like to help help Carolyn Rader deliver the food to the Blue Ridge Food Bank, please email her at
Lutherans Meet at United Nations, Work Toward Gender Justice

Every March the United Nations convenes the  Commission on the Status of Women

The  Lutheran Office for World Community  uses this opportunity to invite Lutherans from across the United States and around the world to engage in the work of advocating for gender justice. 

From March 11 through 22, leaders met in New York City under the theme "Social Protection, Public Services and Infrastructure." 

Part of this work, as it relates to the global Lutheran communion, includes " Waking the Giant ," an ecumenical initiative  launched by The Lutheran World Federation in October  to activate churches in promoting and advancing the  UN Sustainable Development Goals . The ELCA has committed to focusing on goal number two, "Zero Hunger," through the work of  ELCA World Hunger .

RECOMMENDED PODCAST   On the Theology of Accompaniment

" Three Sides " is a monthly podcast featuring stories from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Andrew Steele, director for Global Mission Funding, recently sat down with Rev. Rafael Malpica Padilla, executive director of the ELCA's  Global Mission unit , to discuss the theology and practice of accompaniment - the way in which we approach global engagement as a church.  Listen to this and other episodes of "Three Sides" today !

To create a vibrant, visible, and inclusive LGBTQ community presence in Charlottesville, Albemarle, and the surrounding region that promotes equality through events, education, outreach, and advocacy.
Click for more on upcoming pride events.

You can already sign up and enjoy quiet or take on some fun time or volunteer as camp leaders. For more on camp and retreat happenings at  Caroline Furnace Retreat Center in a beautiful setting read on by clicking the button. 

Grace Inside is the Virginia prison chaplain service. You can sign up for their newsletter and read about inspiring stories of grace by clicking on the button. 

Women's prison tours offered

GraceInside is offering a tour of women's prisons in late April and May. Anyone interested should notify 

Tentative dates for the tours are April 28, 1:30-3:30 p.m., and May 16 or 23. Support continues to be in need at women's prisons and the Greensville Correctional Center, according to Pastor Lynn Litchfield.`

Responding to Cyclone Idai 

The devastation is widespread and tremendous across Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Your swift response is reaching families in desperate need... 

Read more on this and other stories from LWR by clicking on the button.
Syrian girls share their favorite things
A Story from IRC

From a shiny red purse to Hamada the Teddy Bear, Syrian girls in Jordan share their favorite things. Click button for more.

As you know, PACEM staff does various training during the year to help us better serve our guests and you our volunteers. Now we have an opportunity to invite you to join in on the training fun! Below is your invitation to join in on a Webinar that will be informative and help you help your guests. Best of all its FREE!!

Sunday April 14 - Palm Sunday (start service outside)
Welcome:                            Tom Hecmanczuk
Greeter:                              Linda Imhoff
Ushers:                               Marcy Wisbauer & Will and Leo Abraham
Crucifer/Acolyte/Chalice:     Izzy Hecmanczuk
Assisting Minister:                Paul Huffman
Children Moment:                 Pastor
Lector:                               Congregation
Cantor:                               Congregation
Altar Guild:                          Heidi Jones
Nursery:                              KC Jacoby
Snack: Corinne                    Courtney & Linda Imhoff
Coffee/Clean up:                 Karen Love & Kara McClurken
Counters:                           Christa Escobar & Lois Shepherd

Sunday April 21 - EASTER SERVICES 8AM and 10:15AM
Welcome:                                                              Howard Imhoff             
Greeter:                            Constance Johnson        Nancy Kliewer
Ushers:                                                                 Ali G., Lewis H.
Crucifer/Acolyte/Chalice:    Izzy  Hecmanczuk.         Nora G. Crosby H.
Assisting Minister:              Constance Johnson       Jack Milligan
Children Moment:               Pastor Viktoria.              Tom Hecmanczuk
Lector:                              Laurene Nelson              Karen Love
Cantor:                              Kevin Konort                 Alice McKenna
Altar Guild:                        Marcy Wisbauer.             Patty Marbury
Nursery:                                                                 Sylvie Bon-Harper

Snack:                     EASTER BREAKFAST FOR ALL

Coffee/Clean up:                  Charlotte Owen & Bill and Linda Roberts      
Counters:                            Lynn Stephenson & Mark Giesecke


To access the church calendar, please click on the calendar button on the left.
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