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Thursday, March 30 2023

Message / Visio Divina

Palm Sunday and Communion ~ April 2

Palm Sunday is coming! Our scripture this Sunday is one of the narratives of Jesus entering Jerusalem, humble, but surrounded by a cheering crowd. It’s such a familiar story its tempting not to look past the surface of the “hosannah”s and waving branches, but for our time of Visio Divina and contemplation, I’m inviting us to do just that. Jesus’ entrance was triumphant, but also incredibly humble. This story beckons us to look closely, to question words like “triumph” and “humility.” I look forward to engaging this way with you all this Sunday!

Sunday's Scripture

Matthew 21: 1-11

April 2~Palm Sunday and Communion


This is a PDF file which is easy to download and print for use during the service whether you are watching on line, or attending in person on Sunday.

It also includes the Prayer List and the art work for Visio Divina.


  • Prayers for Jill, Karen, and Daniella.
  • Janet Wilson asks for prayers for her brother Clay who has developed lung problems resulting from his service in Iraq. (3/23)
  • Julie Phillip asks for prayers for her brother Dean Phillip. (3/23)
  • Prayers for the family and friends of Elinor (Ellie) Kemp who passed from life to Life last week. (3/16)
  • Prayers for Sarah Breslaw and her family; her father is now in hospice care. (3/9)
  • Prayers for Tim, husband of Nancy Doss, who has passed from life to Life. (3/12)
  • Prayers for the friends and family of Carla Becerill’s stepson Brian who passed from life to Life.
  • Carla Becerril asks for prayers for her family; her aunt Helen passed from life to Life, and her cousin Jay suffered a heart attack following surgery. Jay is scheduled for additional surgery. (2/23)
  • Prayers for Lori Michaels who fell and broke her shoulder and fractured her upper arm in three places. (2/9)
  • Prayers for Jayne Rose Miller who is home recuperating from a broken ankle and a sprained ankle.
  • Ongoing prayers for Ian Naftzger undergoing cancer treatment
  • Jessica Lea asks for prayers for her friends Wilma and Carlos; Carlos has been diagnosed with lymphoma.
  • Prayers for Janet Edwards, who is in the Plymouth Village Care Center following a fall with pelvic fractures.
  • Prayers for Carla Becerril, who is on hospice and very much appreciates calls, visits, and notes.
  • Prayers for Kathryn Gallagher, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Prayers for Cynthia McGuigan as she continues her health care journey.
  • Jayne Miller requests prayers for her dear friend Richard, who is in chemo treatment for aggressive and rare cancer; and Loretta who is in ongoing rigorous treatment at City of Hope for ovarian cancer.
  • We continue to hold in our prayers the people of Ukraine.

Ongoing Concerns:

Jerry Andrews

Scott Ault

Dave, brother of Johanna Ballard

Bev Ching

Cousin of Rick Cruz

Norma Erickson

Katia Hage

Beki Hill

Jody Hoelle

Harriet Holt, Beki Hill's mother

Jenny, Sister of Jules Rattray

Hank Kirchner

Amber McGuigan

Floyd Orr

Ryan and Evan Paul

Jim Sommer

Spencer, friend of Stacey Greene

Robert Silver

Arika Torres

Rosemary Tuohy

Heart to Heart

Since we heard about Jill’s referral to hospice, we have run a gamut of feelings from numb and disbelieving to anxiety to sadness to anger. Uncertainty is hard.


Heart to Heart is a team of RUCC members who have volunteered to provide a space for our brothers and sisters where the Heart Speaks and the Heart Listens. Each member of the Heart to Heart team will strive to offer 2 ears to listen, 2 arms to hug, 2 feet to walk beside and 1 heart filled with love.


Look for anyone wearing a Heart to Heart button. The Heart to Heart team includes Judith Turian (coordinator), Kraig Beardemphl, Cherie Bogle, Loring Fiske-Phillips, Sue Hammond, Jennie Haney, Jim Holbrook, Patty Little, and Michelle McNevin.


Share the Joy of Jill

During this time of transition, let us come together as a community to lift up Jill’s ministry and impact. We invite you to share your favorite memories, stories, and examples of how Jill has positively influenced your life and the lives of others. You can share pictures, videos, GIFs, or just put plain text. 

Here is the website created as a virtual scrapbook: uccredlands.org/jill

Vice President Jessica Morgan will be available after church this Sunday to assist anyone who needs help. You can also reach out to Shepherd Area Leader Maegan Hill.

Sacred Saturday - April 1

April 1st is Sacred Saturday. In these times, especially, it is good to draw close - close to one another, close to the Divine Mystery, close to our understanding of God. We will gather at the church at 9:00 a.m. and close our time together at 12:00 p.m. 


All are welcome to come and give your heart and soul sacred rest and community. 

If anyone is available to come and help with set up at 8:30ish, that would be great! Georgia will be facilitating and setting up. 

Calling All Kitchen Helpers for Holy Week and Easter!

Holy Week and Easter are quickly approaching, and as it is one of the busiest times of year for Hospitality, we need your help. Specifically, we need volunteers for the following:


  • Seder meal food preparation (Monday, April 3rd – Thursday, April 6th, Times TBD/flexible)
  • Seder meal setup and cleanup (Thursday, April 6th, Afternoon/Evening)
  • Easter brunch food preparation (Saturday, April 8th, 1-4pm)
  • Easter brunch servers (Sunday, April 9th, After service)
  • Easter brunch cleanup (Sunday, April 9th, After brunch)


Please consider joining us for one or more of these opportunities to serve our church family. Click on the link below to sign up: 



Thank you for your help, and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at minori@redlandsucc.org

Seder Dinner Thursday, April 6

Our faith is rooted in Judaism and what we know as the Last Supper was a Passover meal. Part of our celebration of Lent and Holy Week is a Seder meal, offered in the context of reflection on our relationship with one another and with God! Diane Landeros has volunteered to coordinate our meal again this year and below are the details - please join us for a time of remembrance, reflection and kinship!

.........................Thursday April 6, 2023 

................................ 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Covenant Hall

Limit of 60 persons

Suggested donation $15 per adult, children free


Register by phone or email to the church office - send payment by check made out to RUCC. (Please don’t let payment be a barrier to attending - let Veronica know if you need financial support) Please be sure to specify if you want lamb or vegetarian lamb.

Redlands United Church of Christ

168 Bellevue Ave

Redlands, CA 92373

(909) 793-3520 (from 9-2, Monday - Thursday)


Childcare provided. Deadline for registration and payment is Monday April 3 before 2 p.m.

Order your Easter Tulips Now

This Easter, our sanctuary will be decorated with beautiful tulips! Here's your chance to order some to dedicate as a Memorial or in Honor of someone. Please use the form linked below to purchase tulips for the sanctuary.

Tulip order form

The deadline for ordering Tulips is Sunday, April 2.


On Easter Sunday, we will also follow the RUCC tradition of bringing flowers from our own gardens to decorate the altar Easter morning. After the recent rains, our gardens should flourish! Vases will be set up on the altar--don't forget to bring some of the floral bounty from your garden.

Reflection of the Week from the Racial Justice Team

Racial justice is the systematic fair treatment of people of all races, resulting in equitable opportunities and outcomes for all. Racial justice — or racial equity — goes beyond “anti-racism.” It is not just the absence of discrimination and inequities, but also the presence of deliberate systems and supports to achieve and sustain racial equity through proactive and preventative measures.


– https://neaedjustice.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Racial-Justice-in-Education.pdf

From the Environmental Justice Team

“Water is humanity’s lifeblood,” U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said [speaking at the UN 2023 Water Conference, https://sdgs.un.org/conferences/water2023]. “But water is in deep trouble. We are draining humanity’s lifeblood through vampiric overconsumption and unsustainable use, and evaporating it through global heating. We’ve broken the water cycle, destroyed ecosystems and contaminated groundwater.”


Source: “Amid conflicts and climate change, U.N. puts focus on ‘deep trouble’ in water worldwide,” by Ian James, Los Angeles Times, 3/25/23, https://www.latimes.com/environment/story/2023-03-25/un-puts-focus-on-deep-trouble-in-water-worldwide

RUCC Eggstravaganza ~ Saturday, April 8, 10 a.m.- noon.

Don’t miss this year’s Eggstravaganza—a long standing RUCC tradition filled with plenty of fun.There will be games, Easter cookie decorating, and some special Easter story activities with Pastor Jake.


This activity is for kids of all ages and their parents. Lots of Eastertime fun!

Annual Easter Morning Kids' Easter Egg Hunt

The annual Easter Egg Hunt will take place right after church for kids in 5th grade and under. Bring your basket! No basket? No worries, we'll have one to loan you. The youngsters will hunt for their eggs in age groups, and all will get the same size bag of candy in exchange for the plastic eggs they collect. If parents of younger children prefer, there will be special bags for the youngest who don't need as much candy.


With a Little Help from His/Her/Its friends!

The RUCC Easter Bunny delights in stuffing our children full of sugary treats on Easter Sunday, BUT…. It takes a village to round up enough wrapped Easter Candy. Please give the Bunny a break and donate individually wrapped Easter treats no later than Saturday, April 8. Leave your goodies in the kitchen, clearly marked “For Easter Egg Hunt.”

The Bunny will thank you, (and so will many area dentists!) Seriously, our delightful kiddos deserve an Easter treat!

Raise Right - Gift Cards Make Shopping and Fundraising Easy

Order Physical Gift Cards – We submit a physical gift card order once a month. The schedule for April and May is:

  • Order by Apr 17 – available for pick up April 23
  • Order by May 15 – available for pick up May 21

In Stock: We have a limited number of $100 and $25 Stater Bros gift cards in stock! Come visit us at the table in Covenant Hall on Sundays.

eCards – Use Immediately or Send as a Gift by Email: You can buy eGift cards anytime, available to you immediately, to use for online or in-person shopping, or to send as a gift. Now available on both the mobile app and RaiseRight.com, check the “Send as a gift by email” box when purchasing an eGift card to have it sent by email to a recipient. Every time you buy, RUCC gets a small rebate. Place orders through the RaiseRight app on your mobile device or at https://www.raiseright.com/shop. 


About RaiseRight: When you purchase gift cards through the RaiseRight program to pay for your day-to-day expenses or provide as gifts, RUCC receives a rebate that helps fund our missions. It’s an easy way to raise some money for RUCC. Hundreds of retailers participate, including grocery stores, gas stations, home improvement stores, department stores, online retailers, and much more. Please contact Jennifer and Pam at giftcards@redlandsucc.org  if you need an enrollment link, need help setting up/accessing your online account or placing an order, have any questions, or want to learn more about the program.  


Community Sunrise Service Easter Morning

First Presbyterian Church of Redlands will host this year’s Community Sunrise Service at its park located on the corner of Vine Street and 4th Street. Those attending are asked to bring their own lawn chairs, as there is not much seating in the park except a couple of benches and a few tables. The service starts at 7:00 A.M. and usually lasts about 40 minutes

d045a64b-a3fc-4dd2-807e-0394ada1e581 image


  • April 1 - Sacred Saturday
  • April 2 - Palm Sunday
  • April 2 - 12:00 p.m. - RUCC Book group - Remarkably Bright Creatures. Discussion leader will be Kathie Blakley.
  • April 4 - 7:00 p.m. Board Meeting
  • April 6 - 6:30 p.m. - Seder Dinner
  • April 7 - Good Friday
  • April 9 - 7:00 a.m. - Community Sunrise Service (See article above)
  • April 9 - Easter Sunday
  • April 17 - Church Growth Committee meeting
  • April 19 - 3:00 p.m. - Memorial Service for Carole Wesson

The church calendar April is found at uccredlands.org

Click on "calendar" in the red banner near the top of the page

This Week at Redlands United Church of Christ

Sunday, April 2 - Palm Sunday

  • 9:15 a.m. - Seekers
  • 9:30 a.m. - Kids' Zone
  • 10:30 a.m. - Worship Service and Communion
  • 11:30 a.m. - Fellowship time
  • 12:00 p.m. - Youth Group
  • 12:00 p.m. - Book Group

Monday, April 3

Tuesday, April 4

  • Board Meeting

Wednesday, April 5

Thursday, April 6

  • 6:30 p.m. - Seder Dinner - See article above.

Friday, April 7 - Good Friday

  • 7 p.m. Closed women's AA meeting in the Founders' Room.

Saturday, April 8

  • Eggstravaganze - see article above.

Sunday, April 9 - EASTER SUNDAY

  • 9:15 a.m. - Seekers
  • 9:30 a.m. - Kids' Zone
  • 10:30 a.m. - Worship Service and Communion
  • 11:30 a.m. - Brunch
  • Children's Easter Egg Hunt after Church

RUCC Staff


Senior Pastor: Rev. Dr. Jill Kirchner-Rose

Bridge Pastor: Rev. Jake Pomeroy

Honorary Minister of Arts and Worship:  Rev. Erin Beardemphl

Music Director: Jim Tong

Accompanist: Sophia Ohanian

Children's Education Director: Susi Jacobsen

Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries: Vacant

Office and Property Manager: Veronica Bermudez

Child Care: Joette Orman


Website:  www.redlandsucc.org

Phone: (909) 793-3520


Staff and Other Emails







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