Lethal Bronzing in Palms
Lethal Bronzing is a potentially deadly disease in Palms closely related to Palm Lethal Yellowing. It is mostly caused and spread by plant hopping insects and can affect the majority of palm trees. The most common palm trees that are susceptible to this disease are Sylvester Palms, Coconut Palms, and any Phoenix Palm species such as Date Palms; however, any species of palm tree is still susceptible to this disease.
What We Can Do to Prevent This
Your palm may have Lethal Bronzing if you begin to notice that the lower foliage is changing color, or bronzing, as shown in the image. Another sign is premature flower or fruit dropping.

Treatment for this disease would consist of 3 treatments, each 4 months apart, in which we would inject an antibiotic into the palm in order to reverse the infection which would then prevent it from reoccurring. We recommend treating as soon as possible for best results.
More symptoms of Lethal Bronzing include spear leaf death, which can be seen in this image. This will occur after the bronzing of the foliage progresses all the way to the top of the tree. The palm is visibly dying at this point.
The final symptom, and the symptom we want to prevent, is death. The palm tree shown is dead from lethal bronzing.
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