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Palmetto Bay Declares a State of Emergency
PALMETTO BAY, FL, SEPTEMBER 5, 2017 - With the uncertainty of a potential landfall by Hurricane Irma, Mayor Flinn declares a State of Emergency for the Village of Palmetto Bay.  Hurricane models show the major storm landing anywhere between the Florida Keys and Central Florida, possibly as a Category 4 hurricane.

Mayor Flinn made the announcement earlier today asserting that Irma "is a very serious and powerful storm."  Mayor Flinn encouraged everyone to make their final hurricane preparations and to help one another, especially those neighbors who may need special assistance. 

Mayor Flinn also announced closing and other operational information for the Village, as follows:
  • Village Hall will be closed on Friday, September 8th until further notice.  
  • Village parks will be closed as of 6 pm on Thursday, September 7th until further notice
  • All park programming has been suspended starting at 6 pm on Thursday, September 7th.  This includes all sports leagues, recreational classes AND after-school programs
  • The IBus will suspend operations starting Thursday, September 7th until further notice
A decision concerning the upcoming Council Meeting and Budget Hearing scheduled for September 11th at 7 pm is yet to be made but will be announced on the Village website and social media channels. 

Please visit the Village's Hurricane Preparedness page and the local news media for other pertinent information.  Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we will continue to post more information as it becomes available.

About Palmetto Bay
Palmetto Bay is a vibrant, family-oriented community in the South Miami-Dade area, situated along the beautiful Biscayne Bay.  Known as the "Village of Parks" for its amazing park facilities and bountiful recreational amenities, Palmetto Bay is one of the most desirable places to live in South Florida.  Adding to its allure are the excellent private and public schools within the Palmetto Bay boundaries.  To learn more about our awesome community, please visit our website.
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