We Have A New Look
Volume 43, Issue 5                                                                           November 2015
Where There's a Need...There's a Lion!

This slogan has never been more appropriate than the last few weeks in South Carolina where lions have joined together with fellow lions, community leaders, emergency personnel, FEMA agencies, and local food banks to do whatever was needed to support our state.  The disastrous flooding took its toll on our communities throughout the state.   "We haven't seen this level of rain in the Low country in a thousand years, that's how big this is," stated Governor Nikki Haley as she addressed the citizens of South Carolina in early October.    South Carolina dodged a direct hit from Hurricane Joaquin only to be hammered by a storm system that soaked Columbia and the Midlands, forcing evacuations when flood waters damaged bridges, dams gave way, roads were destroyed, whole neighborhoods were submerged, causing power outages, and compromising drinking water for the entire Midlands.  Nineteen deaths were directly related to the flood.


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