October 2017
The mission of this newsletter is to provide communication among the parents of Palo Alto Preparatory students. 
What's Coming Up This Month
October 4 Picture Day [9am- 12pm]
October 5- 7 Fall Tahoe Trip
October 11 PSAT Test for 9th- 11th graders at PAP [Dismissal at 1pm]
(no school for 8th and 12th graders)
October 11 Pathways Meeting at PAP (see below for more info) [6:30pm- 8pm]
October 16- 19, 23 Parent Teacher Conferences [Dismissal at 1pm]
October 20 Parent Social [see below for details]
October 26 Senior Portraits at PAP [9am- 12pm]
October 27 Parent Community Group [9:15am]
October 30- November 3 Spirit Week
October 31 Halloween Party at PAP for all students [see below for details]
November 10 Veterans Day [NO SCHOOL]
November 22- 24 Thanksgiving Break [NO SCHOOL]
Mindfulness Entering PAP
Palo Alto Prep has begun a daily mindfulness practice. Each day at the beginning of 1 st and 4 th periods, students are asked to participate in 3 minutes of a mindfulness meditation. Also, students now have the opportunity, when given closed campus for tardies etc, they can choose to meditate at lunchtime with Mr. Fryer. Mr. Fryer holds a 20-minute meditation most days in his classroom at lunch. We already have numerous students who are joining him on a daily basis.

Studies find that youth benefit from learning mindfulness in terms of improved cognitive outcomes, social-emotional skills, and well-being. In turn, such benefits may lead to long-term improvements in life. Mindfulness is associated with emotional regulation as it creates changes in the brain that correspond to less activity, and an increased ability to engage in tasks even when emotions are activated. 

Studies report that mindfulness reduces feelings of stress and anxiety, while also enabling people to distress when placed in stressful social situations. People randomly assigned to mindfulness training are more likely to help someone in need and have greater compassion.

There are many meditation and mindfulness apps out there, but one of the ones that we use is called CALM.  
Orientation Potluck BBQ
When: August 22nd (4pm- 6pm)
Where: PAP Outside Patio
Who: All PAP staff and PAP families
What: Thank you to all of the families who joined us at our Orientation Potluck BBQ! The food was delicious! Welcome to our New Families and thank you to all of you who helped make them feel at home!
All School Ropes Course
When: August 25th (8am- 4pm)
Who: All PAP Students and Staff, with the help of some very awesome volunteer Parent Drivers.
Where: YMCA Jones Gulch in La Honda
What: As a whole school, we spent the day in the woods participating in a team building, peer bonding, intellectually challenging, physically exhausting ropes course. Students were able to go outside of their comfort zones, help others in achieving their common goals and push themselves to overcome new and uncomfortable obstacles. Whether it be a puzzle, a riddle, a 100 foot climb up a tree or a 150 foot free fall from a tight rope (with a harness on of course:)), all students and staff learned a bit more about themselves and their peers through this experience.
All School Kayaking Trip
When: September 7th (8am- 4pm)
Who: All PAP Staff and Students
Where: Monterey Bay
What: As a whole school, we spent the day on the Monterey Bay in tandem kayaks observing the wildlife and learning about all the ocean creatures we had the luxury of seeing. Between all the jelly fish, maneuvering through the kelp in hopes of not crashing into a sleeping seal and attempting to mimic the funny noises from the seal lions, we all had a blast during our day out on the water!
Parent Community Group
Come join our amazing PAP Parent Community Group every month and discover new ways to support your PAP community! Whether you want to volunteer to help PAP with an event, get more insight about the school from fellow parents, make new friends within the PAP community, or even if you just want to come for the free coffee, come hang out with us! :)

The first meeting was held on September 28th at 9am, and it was well attended. If you would like more information please contact our new president, Wendy Rowatt
Next meeting: October 27th at 9am at PAP
1st Parent Social: Held at the O'Rourkes home on October 20th (Time: TBA)

Please contact Lisa Keck with any questions
Halloween at PAP
Halloween is a big production around here at PAP!

Every year students dress up in their Halloween costumes and we throw a party in the Multi- Purpose room. This year will be no different. ASB spends weeks preparing for this party, decorating the MPR several days in advance and coordinating with the PAP parents and staff to make sure we have the needed food, materials and prizes to make the event successful. The party will be held during 3rd period on October 31st during Spirit Week and will go through lunch time. This party includes all different types of food, games, a costume contest and tons of fun prizes to win by participating in the event.

Help from the parents is crucial for this event to run smoothly and be extra fun for our students. Whether it be decorations, food or any sort of donation, PAP will be extremely grateful for your support in making our annual Halloween party EXTRA special this year. Be on the look out for a sign up sheet so you can see what we need and hopefully you will be able to offer some much needed help. Our PAP parents are always extremely generous and thoughtful, so we thank you all in advance! :)
  Field Trips
Whats Coming Up:

Fall Tahoe Trip
When: October 5th- 7th
Where: Old Mountain Camp in Carnelian Bay (Tahoe)
Who: Matt Madore, April Czerepak and 10 students
What: Hang out in Tahoe at Old Mountain Camp with your classmates enjoying the first snow fall of the season!! We will be hiking up trails, playing board games (and a little bit of video games) and playing hookey from school for 2 days!!

If you'd like to participate in upcoming trips, please contact Matt Madore for info!
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  Pathways Meeting 
Palo Alto Preparatory offers a free monthly support group! This group is open to all parents of adolescents/young adults who a) have their child currently in an out-of-home treatment program (such as a Wilderness Program, Therapeutic Boarding School or Residential Treatment) and b) parents who have had their child in a residential program and their child has graduated/completed the program and has transitioned home successfully.
Many parents have told us about feeling quite alone in this process and would love to have a place to talk about their experience, gain continued skills, knowledge and support! Thus, we provide this free group, to help families continue to thrive! There is a large community of parents who have gone through this very difficult and trying time and we believe, the more support you have, the better.
This group meets on a monthly basis.

Next meeting:
October 11, 2017 (6:30pm-8pm)
Palo Alto Prep School
2462 Wyandotte St.
Mountain View, CA 94043
in the back of school in the Multi- Purpose Room
Events in Our Community
When: Saturday October 21st (6:30pm- 10:30pm)
Where: National Center for Equine Facilitated Therapy (NCEFT)
Info: Rocktoberfest is a fundraiser held at a rustic, casual setting in Woodside. Your support will remove financial barriers and provide affordable and accessible care to children, teens and young adults with learning differences, anxiety and depression, ADHD and Autism who need our services. (Event is 21+ years old) Go to this website to buy tickets: http://www.chconline.org/rocktoberfest/

Free Children's Health Council Community Education Classes (Held at CHC Palo Alto 6:30pm- 8pm):
October 3rd: "Social Emotional Resilience in Children With Dyslexia"
October 10th: "Growing Up with ADHD: A Parent/Adult Child Panel"
November 14th: "Tantrums, Tears and Tempers- Managing Your Young Child's Behavior"
November 28th: "Parenting Wired Teens"
--> To sign up for these classes, please visit chconline.org/community-education

Next CHC/Parent Education Network (PEN) meeting:
Where: PAP Conference Room
When: October 20th (12pm- 3pm)
What: "Tackling Anxiety"
--> To sign up for these classes, please visit chconline.org/community-education ´╗┐
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