December 2017
The mission of this newsletter is to provide communication among the parents of Palo Alto Preparatory students. 
What's Coming Up This Month
December 13 Monterey Bay Aquarium Biology Field Trip [8:30am- 3pm]
December 15 All- Work Deadline for Students [see below for details]
December 15 DISMISSAL AT 12:30PM
December 18- January 2 Christmas Break
January 3 Back to School
January 5 Parent Group Meeting [9:15am]
Enjoy your break :)
From all of us at PAP, we hope that you enjoy your well deserved break and find the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones during this holiday season! We will see you all once we're back at school on January 3rd.
Birthday Celebrations!
For the months of August- November
Thanks to the help of our PAP Parent Community Group, we are starting a new Birthday Celebration tradition where at the beginning of every month treats of some sort will be provided during lunch time to celebrate the birthdays for that month.
Mindfulness at PAP
We have officially incorporated Mindfulness/Wellness into our everyday bell schedule. For 10 minutes after 1st period, we are now meeting as a school in the Multi Purpose room every day and participating in a Mindfulness exercise lead by Mr. Fryer.

The new schedule is as follows:
1st period (9am-9:55am)
Mindfulness/Wellness (10am-10:10am)
2nd period (10:15am-11:10am)
Break (11:10am- 11:25am)
3rd period (11:25am- 12:20pm)
Lunch (12:20pm- 1:20pm)
4th period (1:20pm- 2:15pm)
5th period (2:20pm- 3:15pm)
Legion of Honor Art Trip
When: November 2nd
Who: Matt, Tiffany and the art class
Where: Legion of Honor Art Museum in SF
Fall Spirit Week
October 30th- November 3rd

Monday: Grunge- Lumberjack Day
Tuesday: Halloween
Wednesday: Pj Day
Thursday: Villain Day
Friday: Class Colors Day
PAP Art Class
Aviation Goes Flying!
When: November 21st and 28th (more dates to come)
Who: Dylan, Flight Instructor, Gordon, and the Aviation elective class
Where: San Carlos Airport
Billiards Trip
When: November 29th
Who: Jose Costa, Brittney and the Geometry Class
Where: Billiards Hall in Milpitas, CA
What: Mr. Costa started the trip off with a Geometry lesson demonstrating to the students how angles are present in the game of Pool and key to becoming a good player at the game. Then they were able to apply what they learned and enjoy playing a bit of pool :)
PAP in the Community
Chris and Lisa Keck took Joe Cannon and our ambassadors to visit various middle schools in the area to discuss their transition into high school and share their experiences so far while being at PAP. They did an amazing job! Our students are so well spoken, eloquent and kind hearted.
Parent Community Group
Come join our amazing PAP Parent Community Group every month and discover new ways to support your PAP community! Whether you want to volunteer to help PAP with an event, get more insight about the school from fellow parents, make new friends within the PAP community, or even if you just want to come for the free coffee, come hang out with us! :)

If you would like more information please contact our new president, Wendy Rowatt
Next meeting: January 5th at 9:15AM
Fall 2017 Past Work Deadline: DECEMBER 15TH
Every semester we instill a "Past Work Deadline" towards the end of the semester to ensure that all work gets graded and entered in a timely fashion before final grades are due. This gives PAP staff a chance to grade those last minute papers and assignments without a super harsh time crunch, while also giving students a chance to relax about their previous missing work prior to all of their final exams.

This "Past Work Deadline" means that by December 15th at 12:35pm, all previously due late work, make- ups and re-dos MUST BE turned in by this date if a different grade or grade higher than 0 is desired. If a particular late assignment is not turned in, or test is not re-taken by this date, the missing assignment will now receive a 0 and the test grade will stay the same without another opportunity to improve these grades. This rule includes, but is not limited to, all homework, classwork, projects, quizzes and tests.

Students will receive more than enough notice of this deadline, and they will also be required to sign a document stating that they understand what this deadline means.

By no means does this mean that a student MUST turn in all missing assignments and re-do all poorly graded work, this is just the last opportunity they will have to do so before the end of the semester. There are no exceptions.
Work assigned after this date is not subjected to this rule and is at the individual teachers discretion for what late work and re-do's are acceptable.
  Field Trips
Whats Coming Up:

December 13th (8:30am- 3pm)
Monterey Bay Aquarium Biology Field Trip

Stay tune for what's to come next semester :)

If you'd like to participate in upcoming trips, please contact Matt Madore for info!
Highlight a PAP Staff Member
Jose Costa
Jose Costa, who the students know as Mr. Costa, comes to us from San Jose after many years of teaching for the San Jose School District. He is originally from Portugal and moved to America as a young adult. He is extremely enthusiastic about his work and is always willing to put in the extra effort in his classroom. He has a heart of gold and has an incredibly kind, gentle soul. We absolute adore him and LOVE having him at PAP!

Fun facts about Mr. Costa:
  1. His name is pronounced "Chu- Se"
  2. He has a 2 year old son who he loves spending time with away from work, taking him to the park or on the occasional trip down to Santa Barbara... any time with his son is definitely time well spent :)
  3. He is at school by 5:15am EVERYDAY to ensure that his students have the best school day possible.
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Amazon Smile for Holiday Shopping
When shopping on Amazon, we'd really appreciate it if you would use this link when shopping. It will provide Palo Alto Prep with donations at no additional cost to you!
Be sure to designate "In Your Hands, DBA Palo Alto Preparatory School" during check out
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Silicon Valley Parent Group
Palo Alto Prep is hosting the Silicon Valley PEN Parent group
12:00-1:30 pm (3rd Friday of each month)

Friday, December 15: Family Relationships (Siblings, the couple relationship)
Friday, January 12: Supporting Executive Function skills
Friday, February 16: Supporting Social Skills
Friday, March 27: Difficult Conversations (talking about differences and diagnoses)
Friday, April 20: Student Advocacy
Friday, May 18: Planning for Summer

There is a maximum of 15, to sign up visit  chconline.org/community-education
  Pathways Meeting 
Palo Alto Preparatory offers a free monthly support group! This group is open to all parents of adolescents/young adults who a) have their child currently in an out-of-home treatment program (such as a Wilderness Program, Therapeutic Boarding School or Residential Treatment) and b) parents who have had their child in a residential program and their child has graduated/completed the program and has transitioned home successfully.
Many parents have told us about feeling quite alone in this process and would love to have a place to talk about their experience, gain continued skills, knowledge and support! Thus, we provide this free group, to help families continue to thrive! There is a large community of parents who have gone through this very difficult and trying time and we believe, the more support you have, the better.
This group meets on a monthly basis.

Next meeting:
December 13th, 2017 (6:30pm-8pm)
Palo Alto Prep School
2462 Wyandotte St.
Mountain View, CA 94043
in the back of school in the Multi- Purpose Room
Events in Our Community
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Thanks :) 
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