March 2018
The mission of this newsletter is to provide communication among the parents of Palo Alto Preparatory students. 
What's Coming Up This Month
March 5- 12 Spring Parent Teacher Conferences [Dismissal at 1pm]
March 6- 8 Spring BASI/Stanford Testing [Dismissal at 1pm]
March 19 Staff Inservice [NO SCHOOL]
March 23 Parent Focus Group Meeting [9am]
April 6 PAG Meeting [9am]
April 9- 13 Intersession [Dismissal at 3:15pm] (see below for details)
April 16- 20 Spring Break [NO SCHOOL]
Book Drive in Honor of Cole Pharr
Well everyone, you all did it again..blew our minds and surpassed all of our wildest expectations with your continued generosity and support!! 

We at PAP cannot possibly thank you enough for being so thoughtful and making The Cole Pharr Book Drive such a huge success. 

We received  750  books for the Cole Pharr Book Drive, along with a lovely donation from the Linden Tree Book Store in Los Altos, which went directly to Brentwood Academy, thanks to all of you! On top of the quantity of books, every single one was in amazing condition and I can tell that all were books that our students held near and dear to their hearts at one time or another. Many of us were reminiscing about our childhoods as we looked over all the books :)

ON TOP OF THAT, one of our senior PAP students created a beautiful book label to be placed in each of the books that she drew herself. Each label has a panda reading a book and it says, “In Honor of Cole Pharr”, “Donated February 14, 2018”. Many students donated their time to help me place these labels in each of the books, it took what felt like forever! ;P
Lastly, none of this would have happened without a PAP mom, Laurie. She organized the whole book drive, as well as the fundraiser at the Linden Tree Book Store, and we were beyond happy to help with a cause that is so near and dear to the entire PAP community. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you SO much Laurie for all your effort and dedication towards this cause. We couldn't have done it without you!

We hope that this brought our community at least some form of peace through this difficult time. Passing it forward and promoting Cole’s legacy by doing something he dedicated so much of his free time to, is such a positive way to cherish his memory.

The generosity of our PAP parents is overwhelmingly touching and truly helps all of us remember why PAP is a place that we love. This is why PAP is what it is, the loving and supportive people in our community make it a family. 

You all made this possible and PAP is beyond grateful. 
National Cole Pharr Day
Valentine's Day has always been a very special day for Cole and his parents, so as a whole school, we decided to honor that and dub Valentine's Day "National Cole Pharr Day." The entire school dressed up like Cole by either wearing his favorite color red, wearing a baseball hat, flaunting all their panda attire and/or dressing up with all of their Mickey Mouse gear.

We took a picture as a whole school and included it in a gift that we sent the Pharr's for Valentine's Day, AKA National Cole Pharr Day.

We all just wanted to do a little something to celebrate Cole and the imprint that he has left on all of PAP. Thank you to all of you for promoting this cause and encouraging all the students to participate :)
Fire Drill at PAP
The Fire Drill this month went exceptionally well! Everyone was evacuated, following fire drill procedures and lined up in the back of school in record time!
PRAXIS Bake Sale
One of our PRAXIS groups decided to have a Bake Sale in order to fundraise for ASB in order to make this years PAP Prom tickets less expensive!
All the goodies were delicious and they sure had fun doing it :)

PS. They will be having another Bake Sale during the week of St. Patricks Day (March 12- 15). They take orders ahead of time as well for any occasions!
Cakes: $25
Cupcakes: $20/24 cupcakes
Fun in the Science Lab!
Sojourn to the Past Trip
February 16th- 23rd
From Joe Cannon, our Sojourn representative:
"Six of Palo Alto Prep’s students just returned from our annual Sojourn to the Past trip. This award-winning program put our kids through the deep south, working 12-15 hours a day with 150 other students to learn about the Civil Rights movement in the 50’s and 60’s while meeting many of these heroes first hand. Not only did we meet Congressman John Lewis and multiple members of the Little Rock Nine, but we also get to attend once in a life time events that would otherwise not be available to us. Last year we were honored to attend the funeral of Jim Webb and sing hymns with his family. Our trip touched Birmingham, Selma, Montgomery, Little Rock, Memphis, and Atlanta, exposing students to powerful museums and historical sites. On this enriching, enlightening, exhausting journey, we were confronted with some of the darkest shadows of our country’s past, while celebrating some of its brightest triumphs and overall coming to terms with the realities of racism today. Those who left as children returned with newfound maturity, awareness, compassion, and the deep-seated understanding that kids can make presidents act.
To the students who missed out, there’s always next year."
Parent Community Group
Come join our amazing PAP Parent Community Group every month and discover new ways to support your PAP community! Whether you want to volunteer to help PAP with an event, get more insight about the school from fellow parents, make new friends within the PAP community, or even if you just want to come for the free coffee, come hang out with us! :)
Next Focus meeting: March 23rd at 9am
Next PAG meeting: April 6th at 9am
April 9th- 13th
A few years ago we started having an "Intersession Week" the week before Spring Break to provide students with a chance to actively learn about a thought provoking subject that truly interests them. Last year some of the classes included "Horse Back Riding", "College Readiness", the International Trip, "Beginners Guitar", and "Improv." Each teacher has created 2 interactive, intriguing, and unique courses that they will be presenting to the student body in hopes of attracting students to sign up for their desired classes. Teachers will be teaching one to two extra curricular classes throughout the week, each class is for 2 hours 35 minutes (with an hour and 5 minute lunch) and there are 2 classes per day. The classes will be selected based solely upon overall student interests and students will be able to pick 2 classes of their choice that they'd like to partake in for the week. 

The schedule for this week will look like this: 
1st class (9am-11:35am)
Lunch (11:35am-12:40pm)
2nd class (12:40pm-3:15pm)

These are the classes we will be offering:
Arts & Crafts
"Magic:The Gathering" Card Game
Dungeons and Dragons
Dark Side of Disney
Philosophy of Modern Animation
History of Metal
Stained Glass
Graphic Design
Model Building
Palo Alto Prep Summer School
July 9, 2018- August 3, 2018
There are three periods during the 8:30am to 1:30pm per day and students can take up to three semester classes.

Students use summer school to get ahead and catch up on a class they missed. We also offer an executive functioning class.

Classes are determined by student interest, to be chosen from : English 9,10, 11, 12 World History, US History, Gov or Econ., Pre Algebra, Living Skills/Health

We also offer outdoor trips to Lake Tahoe and River Rafting for PE Credit.

Email Lisa O’Hearn-Keck with questions or to set a time to talk about a grad plan
  Field Trips
Whats Coming Up:

Tahoe Ecology Forest Trip: March 15-17
Description of educational lesson through Gateway Mountain Center:
We will hike through the forest at North Tahoe Regional Park, searching for animal tracks and learning how animals adapt and survive with the climate at Lake Tahoe. We will also learn the different tree species and other elements of the forest habitat, emphasizing the many benefits these forests provide, such as recreation, beauty, timber resources and carbon storage. In addition, students will get hands-on practice conducting an assessment of the carbon sequestration capacity of local trees. In small teams, students will learn to identify tree species, measure their height and diameter, and use this information to calculate the amount of carbon sequestered in each tree and how this relates to their carbon footprint. We will also discuss the geology of the Lake Tahoe basin, how the Sierra and Lake Tahoe were formed, and unique geologic features of the area.
River Rafting American River: May 17- 18

Stay tune for what's to come :)

If you'd like to participate in upcoming trips, please contact Brittney Kaniecki for info!
Highlight a PAP Staff Member
Lisa DiMarino
Lisa D is always working behind the scenes to make PAP a happier place and she never gets nearly enough credit for doing so! She is the glue that keeps PAP together and we adore her for it! Whether she's taking a student to Starbucks during their appointment, or in her office working with Administration to make a student's schedule and academic expectations coincide with their emotional capabilities at the moment, or even providing advice to her fellow staff members when they're having a tough day, she is ALWAYS there for us and we couldn't possibly thank her enough for all that she does. She's also the funniest, most outgoing, fun-loving person you will ever meet :)
Thank you Lisa D! We love you!!
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Silicon Valley Parent Group
Palo Alto Prep is hosting the Silicon Valley PEN Parent group
12:00-1:30 pm (3rd Friday of each month)

Friday, March 27: Difficult Conversations (talking about differences and diagnoses)
Friday, April 20: Student Advocacy
Friday, May 18: Planning for Summer

There is a maximum of 15, to sign up visit  chconline.org/community-education
  Pathways Meeting 
Palo Alto Preparatory offers a free monthly support group! This group is open to all parents of adolescents/young adults who a) have their child currently in an out-of-home treatment program (such as a Wilderness Program, Therapeutic Boarding School or Residential Treatment) and b) parents who have had their child in a residential program and their child has graduated/completed the program and has transitioned home successfully.
Many parents have told us about feeling quite alone in this process and would love to have a place to talk about their experience, gain continued skills, knowledge and support! Thus, we provide this free group, to help families continue to thrive! There is a large community of parents who have gone through this very difficult and trying time and we believe, the more support you have, the better.
This group meets on a monthly basis.

Next meeting:
March 14, 2018 (6:30pm-8pm)
Palo Alto Prep School
2462 Wyandotte St.
Mountain View, CA 94043
in the back of school in the Multi- Purpose Room
Events in Our Community
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Thanks :) 
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