Parent Advisory Board Newsletter
June 2017
The mission of this newsletter is to provide communication among the parents of Palo Alto Preparatory students.  
What's Coming Up This Semester
June 5-7 Finals Week [Dismissal after last final]
June 8 Graduation [4pm-about 8pm]
July 10 1st day of Summer School [8:30am-1:30pm]
July 14- 16 Summer Tahoe Trip
July 28- 30 Summer River Rafting Trip
August 4 Last day of Summer School [8:30am-1:30pm]
August 22 Orientation BBQ [time: TBA]
Finals Schedule
June 5th- 7th   
Monday June 5th:
1st period final (9am-10:30am)
Break (10:30am-11am)
2nd period final (11am-12:30pm)

Tuesday June 6th:
3rd period final (9am-10:30am)
Break (10:30am-11am)
4th period final (11am-12:30pm)

Wednesday June 7th:
5th period final (9am- 10:30am)

Please note that all students are out on Monday and Tuesday at 12:30pm and on Wednesday at 10:30am. If your child has a study period (not Study Skills) there is no final and they can be excused prior by a parent. Please make sure to notify Brittney beforehand so we are aware that their parents do not expect them to be at school during that time. 
All of us at Palo Alto Prep want to thank everyone for another successful school year. We wish you and all of your families an amazing, relaxing summer!! We hope to see all of you in the Fall at our Orientation BBQ on the 22nd of August (time TBA). Hope you all can make it!! 

PS. The next newsletter will go out the first week of August. If you have any questions before then about events, calendars, trips etc., please contact Brittney Kaniecki 
  Enrollment Information

      SUMMER SCHOOL 2017
July 10 – August 4
Monday – Friday  (8:30am -  1:30pm)

  All summer classes are One hour and 30 minutes long and are one semester - 5 units.  Classes are offered based on interest, so enroll early to assure that this class you need is offered.  Students may take up to 3 classes. 
  We highly recommend that students take the Living skills class as it is only taught in the summer and is required for graduation.


  • Pre Algebra, Algebra I, Biology
  • Living Skills/Health
  • World History, US History, Economics
  • English 9,10,11,12
  • Music –  5 units Visual Performing Art Credit
  • Executive Functioning – 5 units elective credit
  • Summer Camp Weekends (do both and receive 5 units of PE)

                               July 14 - 16           Lake Tahoe
                               July  28 - 30          River Rafting


When: May 19th during homeroom
What: Each PRAXIS group presented their project to the whole school. They all did a great job and created very creative and innovative additions for our school!

Who: Ryan D., Joe L., Blake S., Suzie N. and Ella C.
Goal: To construct a beautiful bench and planter with completely donated/recycled materials and they did an outstanding job!

Who: Chris A., Roger B., Mason E., and Kevin L.

Goal: Social experiment to collect data regarding residents of the Bay Area opinions on issues of today.

Who: Zaira S., Beth B., and Ben S.
 Goal: To create an interactive card game similar to "Dungeons and Dragons" for all ages. They call it "Furvival", fantasy survival.

Who: Nicolas C., Daniel- Pablo R., and JD B.
Goal: To film a short film that illustrates the 5 stages of grief.

Who: Dustin W., Elizabeth A., Jacob F., Cole P., and Jared W.
Goal: To make candy in order to fundraise for the school.

Who: Nate J., Johnny A., and Anthony G.
Goal: To explore the stages of mindfulness in order to teach peers of its importance.

Who: Aksel H., Adam P., Kassie P., Stacey C., Christina G. and Ru R.
Goal: Wanted to raise money by making friendship bracelets in order to buy something for the school! They raised over $100 and got the school donuts!

Who: Iris M., Ethan S., Ryan D. and Brigitte S. 
Goal: Got the community of PAP to donate hundreds of books and created a library for the school!

Who: Sam A., Nick C., Cole H., Jack C., and Ryan J.

Goal: Spreading awareness about the ability to raise money for various diseases through Stanford while being on

PAP Prom

When: May 12th (8pm-11pm)
Where: Holbrook Palmer Park Pavilion in Atherton
What: Many students came to enjoy a night of dancing, card games, food and musical entertainment from our amazing PAP band! The pictures speak for themselves, everyone had a BLAST!!!
Art Class
 Tahoe Fun Trip 
When: May 5th- 7th
Who: Matt, Mr. Fryer and 6 students
What: A weekend full of fun in Lake Tahoe right before the snow melted away!
Senior River Rafting Trip
When: May 24th - 25th
Who: Matt, Tiffany and the Seniors!!
What: Matt and Tiffany took 7 Seniors up to the American River to raft, hike and camp!!
Monterey Dives 
When: May 27th and 28th
Who: Matt, SCUBA instructors, and 3 students!
What: Johnny A., Hayes J., and Aksel H. all got SCUBA certified over the weekend! Rory M. and Roger B. will be completing theirs later this summer. After weeks of studying, preparing, practicing and inhaling tons of water, they completed their training with open water dives in Monterey! So awesome!!! Congrats guys!!
Upcoming Trips
  2017 Field Trips/Events
Lake Tahoe Summer Trip
July 14th- 16th

Come hang out at Old Mountain Camp, swim in the lake, hike through the forests and have a fun-filled weekend with your classmates!
  Summer River Rafting Trip 

July 28th- 30th

River Rafting down the American River! Always so much fun for all!!
Contact Matt Madore for more info: matt@paloaltoprep.com

Please stay tuned for announcements regarding dates of more trips!!

Local Trip Fund
PAP Local Trips to Tahoe are a huge part of the social learning and education of PAP students.  The fee for the trip may prevent some families from participating, so the PAP Parent Advisory Board has created a Local Trip Fund.  If you need financial help, please contact Chris Keck to see if you qualify for the Local Trip Fund.

If you would like to contribute to the fund, please send a check to Palo Alto Preparatory and you will receive a donation receipt for your taxes as we are a 501(C)3. Also, please check to see if your company will match funds.  We already have our first contribution with matching funds which will cover the cost of trips for 2 PAP students.

Good news!! "In Your Hands, Inc."(DBA Palo Alto Prep), is now eligible for Matching Funds on  benevity.com so Apple employees can match funds as well as other companies that use the service for matching funds.

Local Trip Equipment Exchange
In an effort to increase participation in PAP Local Trips, there is a shared Google Document that parents can use to request trip equipment and other parents can lend their equipment, for example, sleeping bags and winter coats.  Lending equipment is at the owner’s own risk and since these trips are with teenagers, items may not be returned in one piece.  

    Palo Alto Preparatory Graduation
Every year PAP graduation is a day to remember. All of the PAP community is invited and we encourage everyone to come help celebrate our graduating class as well as those non-graduating students who have been hand selected by our PAP staff to be honored for their hard work with an award. These student awards range from academic awards, to "The Principal's Award" and the "Director's Service Award." Each teacher presents an award to a student in one of their classes for outstanding achievement and dedication, Lisa Keck honors a student for their dedication to community service and Chris Keck selects a student to honor with the "Principal's Award".

For PAP, Graduation Day is a heartfelt, emotional, and unique send off for our graduating seniors. Each senior is asked to chose someone influential in their lives to present them with their diploma. This individual can be a teacher, parent, family member, friend, or anyone that they feel played a significant role in getting them to where there are today. We feel that this tradition makes our graduation extra special! 

Graduation is held every year up at the beautiful Mountain Terrace on Skyline Blvd. in Woodside.
Address: 17285 Skyline Blvd. Woodside, CA
*Be sure to bring a jacket, even on a sunny day it can get quite windy in the mountains during the afternoon
What: The ceremony begins at 4pm, once the ceremony comes to a close there will be a full buffet dinner accompanied by a performance from the PAP Band.
When: 4pm-8pm (ends once the PAP band is done preforming)
Cost: $60/ person (graduating seniors do not need to pay :)) and tickets must be purchased by June 1st!
Please talk to Lisa Keck about purchasing tickets.
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  Palo Alto Prep now has an official Facebook page and Instagram. Please follow us! If any parent has something fun, cool and interesting to share about their child, feel free to use #paloaltoprepschool to add it to the page! 

We also use the Facebook page to post interesting articles for our parents to read! Most recently, we posted an article about how the game Dungeons and Dragons, which is immensely popular at PAP, is now being used in therapy! Click the link below to check it out!!

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When shopping on Amazon, we'd really appreciate it if you would use this link when shopping. It will provide Palo Alto Prep with donations at no additional cost to you!


Be sure to designate "In Your Hands, DBA Palo Alto Preparatory School" during check out

Good news!! "In Your Hands, Inc."(DBA Palo Alto Prep), is now eligible for Matching Funds on benevity.com so Apple employees can match funds as well as other companies that use the service for matching funds.

  Pathways Meeting 
Palo Alto Preparatory offers a free monthly support group! This group is open to all parents of adolescents/young adults who a) have their child currently in an out-of-home treatment program (such as a Wilderness Program, Therapeutic Boarding School or Residential Treatment) and b) parents who have had their child in a residential program and their child has graduated/completed the program and has transitioned home successfully.
Many parents have told us about feeling quite alone in this process and would love to have a place to talk about their experience, gain continued skills, knowledge and support!  Thus, we provide this free group, to help families continue to thrive! There is a large community of parents who have gone through this very difficult and trying time and we believe, the more support you have, the better.
This group meets on a monthly basis.

Next meeting:
June 14, 2017 (6:30pm-8pm)
Palo Alto Prep School
2462 Wyandotte St.
Mountain View, CA 94043
in the back of school in the Multi- Purpose Room
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