2021-2022 Vehicle Stickers

Vehicle Sticker late notices were recently sent out in the mail for any vehicles in our system with an outstanding balance. If you believe you have received a late notice in error, or you no longer own the vehicle attached to the late notice, please contact our office at (708) 671-3700.

Payment can be made in person or over the phone by contacting our front desk. You can also take advantage of our drop boxes located in the Kaptur parking lot or at the Metra Station.
Mailing Payments for Utility Bills

Due to bank regulations, banks cannot electronically pay the Village. When you request payment through your bank, they can only send a check to the Village. The time for processing and mailing can take between 15 to 20 days for the Village to receive payment.

The Post Office has recently announced a slow down in delivering mail. Please remember to mail with sufficient time for your payment to be received at the Village.

Payments received later than 30 days after the billing date are delinquent and are assessed a Late Payment Fee. The Village does not waive late fees due to delays by banks or the Post Office. Please mail your payment giving a minimum of 15 days for the Village to receive your payment.

Credit Card payments are accepted over the phone by calling 708-671-3700. Please have your credit card number, account number and amount due ready when calling. Payments can be placed at anytime in the Deposit Box located at the Kaptur Center driveway or the Metra Station parking lot. 

The FINAL Chipper Service is November 1
The Chipper Truck will start on Monday, November 1 on the WEST side of the Village and will continue east until all the public streets have been serviced. Please do not place branches at the street until the weekend before November 1st. Branches should be placed out by 7:00 am on November 1. Once the chipper services your street the chipper will not return until the Spring of 2022. Please see the complete list of dates and the regulations on the Village Website.
Landscape Companies hired to remove trees or trim bushes should also remove the cut branches. The Chipper Service is for homeowners cutting on their own trees and bushes. There is a size limit for branches a 4 feet x 10 feet pile or 20 minutes of chipping at one address. 

Wood Chips Available

Wood chips are available through the chipping program. Call 708-671-3721 to receive up to two loads (8 yards each) of wood chips during the remaining chipping weeks. When the truck is full you will be called to receive the load of wood chips. Leave your name, address, a phone number where you can be reached, and if you would like one or two loads of chips.  
Village of Palos Park Electric Aggregation Program
In June, the Village renewed its “Green” Electric Aggregation program with MC Squared, for billing periods that began in September of this year.

‘What is the Village’s “Green” Electric Aggregation Program and am I part of it?’ It depends. All residential and small business customers, who have not selected another energy supplier on their own, are considered part of the Village’s Green Electric Energy program regardless of whether the energy service is supplied by ComEd or MC Squared. Under the current program, the energy price is the same. Since 2012, the Village has operated an opt-out electric aggregation program for residential and small business customers to negotiate lower pricing and more protective terms for residents. The ‘green’ energy designation is accomplished through the purchase of renewable energy credits which comes from power generated by newer wind facilities located in the Midwest.

‘Recently, some Palos Park residential electric customers received notice that their accounts had been switched to ComEd as their electrical energy supplier. Why would my electric energy supplier be switched?’ The current agreement with MC Squared agreement requires each electric account to receive a valuation several times per year to determine how much energy is being used in high usage periods; this is known as the Peak Load Contribution (“PLC”). In the ComEd service area there are five coincident peaks (“5CP”) that are measured between June 1 and September 30 of each year. The 5CP periods are averaged and used to calculate the PLC for each customer. The PLC is used to determine how much it will cost to serve an account with electricity in the coming year. During the valuation, some customers are moved to ComEd and others to MC Squared.

‘Why haven’t I noticed this change before?’ During calendar years 2020 and 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic saw many residential customers working from home, likely using more electricity during the 5CP’s. This shift in energy consumption has caused suppliers like MC Squared, to move customers back to the ComEd supply due to the cost to serve these accounts with electric energy. However, under the Village agreement with MC Squared, the energy price is the same.

Do I have a choice in our energy supplier?’ Yes, you may choose any electric energy supplier you wish.

‘Can I stay with Mc Squared if I was switched to ComEd?’ Yes, to switch back to Mc Squared call (888) 537-8418 or e-mail PalosPark@mc2energyservices.com.

Did You Know:
  • The Village of Palos Park Electric Aggregation program is available to all residents and small businesses in the community.
  • The energy rate in the current Village electric aggregation program is tied to the ComEd rate, which was the lowest rate quoted in a bid conducted in June 2021.
  • There is no penalty if you want to leave the Village electric aggregation program to move to another energy supplier.
  • The Village electric aggregation program is considered a ‘green’ program under USEPA standards as Renewable Energy Credits are purchased from power generated by wind facilities located in the Midwest.
  • Any resident or small business enrolled as part of the Village Electric Aggregation Program may choose to remain with MC Squared even if you received a letter from ComEd notifying you of a move in your energy supplier to ComEd. Requests can be made by calling (888) 537-8418 M-F, 8am to 5pm or by email at PalosPark@mc2energyservice.com
Cook County Tax Sale

The Cook County Treasurer will start the 2018 Annual Tax Sale on November 2, 2021. Residents are encouraged to check that their property taxes are paid in full for the 2018 tax year. While the Treasurer's Office does take partial payments online (free electronic debit from a checking account or use a credit card with a fee), in person at 118 North Clark Street, and at local banks, there is less than a month for the 2018 TY to be paid in full and the PIN to be removed from the tax sale list. The Treasurer's Office can also help determine if there might be a refund due and, with the Assessor's Office, ensure a homeowners or other applicable exemption are in place. Click here for more information.
A PPPD Reminder: Perpetrators Use Various Methods to Deceive and Defraud Elderly Victims For Financial Gain
Each year, millions of elderly Americans fall victim to some type of financial fraud, racking up more than $3 billion in losses annually.
Criminals use a variety of methods to deceive these victims, including romance, sweepstakes, charity, technology support, grandparent, lottery, and government impersonation schemes, to name a few. In each case, perpetrators try to gain their targets’ trust and may communicate with victims via computer, through the mail, in person, and by phone, TV, and radio.
With the elderly population growing in the United States, it is likely perpetrators will find more and more victims. Elderly individuals may encounter the following scams:
Romance Scam: Perpetrators pose as interested romantic partners through dating websites to capitalize on their elderly victims’ desire to find companions.
Tech Support Scam: Perpetrators pose as technology support representatives and offer to fix non-existent computer issues—gaining remote access to victims’ devices and, thus, their sensitive information.
Grandparent Scam: Perpetrators pose as a relative—usually a child or grandchild—claiming to be in immediate dire financial need.
Government Impersonation Scam: Perpetrators pose as government employees and threaten to arrest or prosecute victims unless they agree to provide funds or other payments.
Sweepstakes/Charity/Lottery Scam: Perpetrators claim to work for legitimate charitable organizations to gain victims’ trust. Or they claim their targets have won a foreign lottery or sweepstake, which they can collect for a “fee.”
Home Repair Scam: Perpetrators appear in person and charge homeowners in advance for home improvement services that they never provide.
TV/Radio Scam: Perpetrators target potential victims using illegitimate advertisements about legitimate services, such as reverse mortgages or credit repair.
Family/Caregiver Scam: Perpetrators are relatives or acquaintances of the elderly victims and take advantage of them to get their money.
Once successful, perpetrators will likely continue to target vulnerable elderly victims with these schemes because of the prospect of significant financial gain. As we always remind residents, trust your instincts and if something doesn't seem don't hesitate to contact us at (708) 671-3770.
Shop Local in The Park

Palos Park has a variety of local restaurants and fast food establishments for your dining pleasure, whether you are in the mood for American, Chinese, Italian, Thai, or seafood. Many of the restaurants offer delivery and carry out services, as well as great casual dining.

For a full listing of all Palos Park Businesses, visit our website.