PALOS PARK WEEKLY | February 26, 2021
Palos Park Police Foundation

The purpose of the Palos Park Police Foundation is to enhance the quality of police service in Palos Park and strengthen the relationship between the police and the community. We are pleased to announce that longtime resident Melissa Gracias will become the new president of the Palos Park Police Foundation.

The organization has been led by former Mayor Carolyn Baca since the inception of Illinois’ first Police Foundation. The group realized in 2010 that modern public safety demands require police departments be better trained, better equipped, and more in touch with the specific needs of their community than ever before. Tax dollars provide the basic necessities, the foundation is dedicated to providing our police with the most modern equipment, technology, and training.
“The Palos Park Police Foundation has the great privilege of being the bridge between the community and the Police Department. Their goal is to support those who protect us and make Palos Park a better and safer place to live through programs designed to enhance public safety using community partnerships and outreach.” -Melissa Gracias, long time Palos Parker & new President of the Palos Park Police Foundation.
Melissa Gracias has served on the District 230 Board of Education since 2013. She currently serves as the Board Vice President as well as the Chair of the Student Services Committee. Melissa is an active supporter of the Amos Alonzo Stagg community, and actively volunteers throughout the entire district. Melissa is also involved in the Palos Park community. She is a founding member of the Palos Park Police Foundation and volunteers annually at the Autumn in the Park Festival. Melissa earned her bachelor’s degree from Davenport University in Grand Rapids, Mi. She has obtained a Master Board member status and is also a Leadership Fellow.
The Palos Park Police Foundation supports Palos Park Police Department initiatives and programs that the village cannot readily fund. Less than 2% of the police department’s annual budget goes to discretionary spending on equipment. The Foundation helps the Palos Park Police Department keep pace with rapidly evolving technology, training techniques, and strategies. By supporting innovative projects, our public-private partnership provides the Palos Park Police Department with the means to launch experimental programs, expand training, and further its professionalism. To find out more, please visit their website Palos Park Police Foundation.
The 42-year-old PLOWS Council on Aging has officially become Pathlights, a rebranding to help build more awareness for the options, or multiple paths, that older adults and their families can resource as they age.

If you or someone you know can benefit from Pathlights' services, call (708) 361-0219 or visit www.pathlights.org.
Spam Calls

Scammers continue to find ways to prey on unsuspecting victims. Phone scams come in many forms, but are similar in that they are searching for personal information and make similar promises and threats. The following websites provide information to help you and your loved avoid falling victim to any circulating scams.

ComEd Rate Increase

The Village has been notified that residents are likely to see higher ComEd electric bills in March 2021. The higher bill is largely due to two factors: the increase in energy demand with the recent extended sub-freezing temperatures, and the ComEd default supply rate which reversed a lower trend and will rise somewhat for meter reading periods ending in March.

Electric bills are comprised of two parts, the actual electricity used and the delivery fee from ComEd. The ComEd supply rate, which was $0.06705/kWh in February, will increase to $0.07463/ kWh for bills received in March. A component of the supply rate is the Purchased Energy Adjustment (PEA). The PEA is a price adjustment (credit or charge) and represents the difference between the revenues from the monthly ComEd Price-to-Compare and the actual cost of electricity supplied to ComEd customers. That component has recently been a credit on prior bills, but will be a charge for March, as it represents increased usage in February.

It is worth noting, that ComEd’s rate hike is not caused by the Village’s aggregation program with MC Squared Energy Services. Ratepayers participating in the community electric aggregation program are charged the exact same ComEd supply rate; however, Green Energy from wind farms is purchased through this program, at zero added cost to residents and the Village.

If you have specific questions about your bill, please contact ComEd at 800.334.7661. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact the Village at 708.671.3700.  
Cook County Property Taxes and Senior Tax Deferral Program

Thanks to a change in the law, property owners have two extra months to pay their First Installment Cook County property tax bills without a late fee, through May 3, 2021. Late fees will also be waived for two months for the Second Installment, due later this year.

According to Treasurer Maria Pappas, "While we hope for better days ahead, the pandemic continues to test us. This waiver of late fees offers some relief to the thousands of homeowners and business people who are struggling to pay their bills."
The Village of Palos Park provides the following options for residents and customers to contact us via email, or over the phone for most day-to-day services, inquiries, credit and debit payments. Payments may also be dropped at the drop boxes at the Kaptur Center and the Metra Station.

Contractor Registrations and building permit forms can be found on our website and can be emailed to permits@palospark.org.

Permits for our Public Works department can also be found online and emailed to publicworks@palospark.org.

Direct Debit forms are also available to have your utility bill directly debited from your bank account on the day your bill is due.

You can reach the Village Hall at (708) 671-3700. Please visit our website at www.palospark.org.
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Our local merchants are here for you and your family. For a full listing of all Palos Park Businesses, visit our website.

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